Sunday, September 26, 2010

Hotshot:: Assignment 1

Hi everyone :D
As you all probably know I have joined, Hotshot Modeling comp hosted by no other than Smashie :)

Our first assignment was to do a headshot, and we were supposed to make use the tutorials to make the picture. And I think I did exceptionally well. So here is mah picture

Feel free to comment :)


Saturday, September 25, 2010

Sims Monthly Magazine:: Accepting Applicants Today

Hey hey yeah you would you like to join an all simmy magazine? Well Chama123 and I have started one :)
Please check it out, the application forms are on the TS3 site :D

Check it out :D

We also have a Site...

Check that out too :D


Friday, September 24, 2010

Hotshot Modeling Comp

Hello everyone *waves*
I have decided to join Hotshot a modeling competition hosted by Smash one of the most amazing editors I have seen. I am looking forward to learning! I just want to say come cheer me on xD And Sun :D



Ps. If you have blogger, is it being weird now? I mean I cannot even like bold things or link stuff anymore. Its making me really mad. Does anyone know how to fix this?
Pour Example
When i try to link this..
it looks like this....

Monday, September 20, 2010

Kartal Legacy Chapter 3



Sunday, September 19, 2010

Kartal Legacy Chapter 2

Hi Come read what happens next in the Kartal Legacy!!

Link here>>>

Friday, September 17, 2010

Important: update on health and stuff

Hi guys! Here is my update for your skin and health.

The other day I read something in Computer class which was shocking. You see everybody knows about the H1N1 the so called "deadly flu" well its proven that this whole H1N1 is bullshit. You know the vaccines that the doctors use to help you get away from the flu? Yeah that vaccine makes you sicker, that vaccine contains the flu. Also on natural there is an article saying that doctors are not telling patients that there are better cures than the vaccines. Ok say that there is an influenza, and if there is the doctors will not tell you that there is a better cure than a shot. This better cure is a vitamin D! So if you even get sick, or get this "influenza" then I suggest Sun and Vegetables!
Link to article>>>

Coming to stores today FrakenFish! Yeah that's right its a fish and its genetically engineered. Yup its a new whacky scheme the FDA have come up with (whats weirdos xD). They have been pumped with extra growth hormones. You know what the scary part is? You can't tell which one is "FrakenFish" and which one is the normal salmon. So America yes YOU America be careful!
Link to Article>>>

FDA is BULLSHIT! They are supposed to be taking care of peoples health, but instead they are hiding things from us!
Read the article>>>


Kartal Legacy Chapter 1

Hey everyone please come and check out the first chapter to the Kartal Legacy :D


And please please become of a member to get updates etc.


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Kartal Legacy!

Hey Everyone! I am going to have a legacy out soon :D I just finished making the house and my Founder Jamie Kartal :D Shes so awesome and pretty. So basically this post is about it a little bit :D

Kartal Legacy is not going to be one of those ordinary legacies. It's going to be an on-going story of a family (lol yes i realize that is what legacies are). Jamie the beautiful founder of this legacy is going to open up with her heart, and show the world what the Kartal family is going to be like. Her life is going to be filled with drama and love.

I really hope you are going to like it :D You'll see what I throw into this legacy. And with this legacy I hope you like it. If you're wondering where you can catch it then follow this link


Oh also Chama's wonderful legacy is going to be on there. So don't be afraid to check that out too! Her legacy chapters might come out before mine because, I am still slowly working on mine tee hee :D


Monday, September 13, 2010


So at this moment I am quite heartbroken. You're probably wondering why? Well here goes the story...

You see I was being a good little girl doing my math homework. And well something caught my eye. And the headline was "Newborn baby found in airplane garbage." So me being very curious clicked on it.

And by watching the video it broke my heart. The baby was newborn and it had its cord still attached to him. He was wrapped in tissue paper and was stuffed in the garbage. The mother intentionally abandoned him, that so sad. I mean really does she not have any good sense? Like who the fuck to do you think you are stuffing a human child into a garbage bag? If you don't want the child then simply put him in the orphanage.

Luckily security found him in the bag, he had cut and they were bleeding. The security said that he wasn't crying but he was moving. They took him the the hospital immediately, and now hes being taken care of in the Philippians hospital. God Bless his little soul, make him stronger and better soon. Poor little guy.


Thursday, September 9, 2010

Can't seem to find the words...

Well firstly i need to say is why did I loose 2 followers? Am I that non-worthy enough to follow? Or did they just delete their google account?

Anyways, back to what I was talking about. Well I may seem very out-going and stuff online, but in real life you can say I am one of those total dorks. I am quite shy, when I speak no one really hears me. And boys...well they seem to look right through me.
You should have known how many times I wish that I could talk to people. And not be shy, but I guess its not just in my nature. I would really like to build up the confidence.

I really have no clue why I am posting this, but I guess I just need advice.


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

House of Night. OMG

*Warning:: Obsessive Kami is now going to be unleashed, so BEWARE!

Alrighty, so most of you should know that I read the House of Night Series, you would know if you actually read my blog, but hey whatever. Anyways, I own all the books so far. I own, Marked, Betrayed, Choosen, Untamed, Hunted, Tempted, and Burned. The new book which is coming out in January called, Awakened shall be mine! Mwahhahahahaha.

Yeah....lately I got into these books, because well they are really really good. I mean like Kristin and P.C Cast have done such a terrific job on these. It has everything that I look for in a book, love, hot boys, great character personalities, magic, and something that I wish was true. If you did not hear or read about these books here is a summary that I have come up with to the book so far..
**Warning this is kind of a spoiler**
So there is a girl named Zoey Redbird and she becomes marked, by the hand of the goddess of the night, which vampyres worship Nyx. She goes to the school called House of Night Tusla (there are many schools called house of night all over the world.) Yeah anyways, later the notice that she is not just a normal fledgling, she is quite powerful, she has the 5 affinities which are Air/Wind, Fire, Water, Earth and Spirit, and she has all these amazing tattoos all over her body. Yeah and she also has this special connection with Nyx. Later, her human "ex-boyfriend" Heath comes and finds her and tries to "break her out". And then and there she imprints with him. Oh yeah there is this evil bitch named Aphrodite and like she tries to sabatoge Zoey because, Zoey is special. And like Zoey hooks up with Aphrodite's ex-boyfriend Erik (who is totally hawt like I mean, I'd have his children if he were real :P) And yeah they start going out. Yeah Zoey also has this group of friends, in her circle are... Stevie Rae and she is Zoeys BFFL and she has the affinty for Earth, Damein he is gay and he has the affinity for Air/Wind, And Shaunee and Erin who are like Twins, and Shaunee has the affinity for fire, and Erin for water. Yeah, so zoey also has a cat named Nala, who I find very interesting. Before we move on Zoey has a mentor and its the high preistess and her name is Neferet and yeah, she is not what she is expected to be. Yeah and like later in the series all hell breaks loose if you read it you will know i just dont feel like ask me if you want to know. Other than that i wont bother.

Yeah so later Erik becomes an overly possessive asshole. And Zoey hand him like officially break up, and that's like in the 6th book i believe... And yeah she meets this other guy and his name is Stark and he is like a red vampyre (Red Vampyre:: Dead once and then alive and has humanity back and is normal again) And he is Zoeys warrior! Well this is basically all about him...yeah i just wanna share that I really love Stark and now he is my official fictional husband :P

So i really recommend you guys check this book out, if you want to know more then I will explain more :)

~Kami <3

Ps. Momo if you are out there, I am ever so dearly waiting for your e-mail.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Picture of the Week

Sup guys! Yep you are so right, its that amazing time again! It's picture of the week yo xD Yeah so this week, its going to be like a bunch of quotes that mean something to you or nothing to you. Some are sad, and some are cute and others have deep meaning hope you like it :)

Well this is it, if you have any comments I would appreciate it, if you do comment because I love comments :)
Until Next Week...

~Kami <3

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Well your a bitch!

So today was the day where I had to get my textbook from the library for Math class. So you know I lined up. I was ahead of "bitch 1" and "bitch 2". And behind me was "Jayleen" & "Sarah". Well Jayleen and Sarah were talking about The House of Night Series. And I guess Sarah couldn't remember what book was next after burned. Well I stepped into the conversation, and told her the answer and she nicely thanked me.

Then I guess I kind of left the conversation, and started looking at my schedule. Sarah then started talking about how she cried at the end of some emotional books. Well I think thats logical, if you have a heart and you are really sensitive you would cry at the end of movies and books (Like me, but I dont read sad books because they make me cry, but i watch sad movies lol). So then bitch 1 whispered to bitch 2 about how stupid a person can be if they cry at the end of books/movies. After we left the library bitch one and two were ahead of me, and they were making fun of Sarah. You know it really pissed me off. Like if you have nothing to say nice, then shut your shit trap up, because apparently it doesn't come from your ass bitch! And to top it off she looks like a whore.
Reasons for looking like a whore::
1. A super mini skirt, where you can practically see her undies if she bends over.
2.Her skanky tanktop which shows a lot of her bra.
3. Just the way she walks and shit.

So, I didnt want to create a scene since its only been three days. So next time if she ever talks shit like that again, I am going to bitch her out. She has no fucking right to make people feel that way.

-Kami <3

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

School: Day 1 & Day 2

Guess what? I did not die the first day or the second day, so lets just say I survived for now. I did not totally get humiliated yet, but I am already half way there *thumbs up*

So, anyways the first day was alright, I had nice hair I wore the most amazing outfit which was in my closet. So the way I looked way really good. Then I got on the bus, and well you know sat down, and then I realized I am getting knots in my stomach. Got to school, found out where homeroom was sat down. Got completely ignored by a bunch of people, at the end of homeroom talked to this girl :) Next we had an assembly, NOT FUN! Especially when they expect you to carry 2 binders and a backpack filled with books into the room!Lets just say it was really uncomfortable, and I sat down by a bunch of losers.
Ok! Well then I went to my locker, put all my shit away and headed for first class! I got into the room noticed that I really only knew one person in the whole room, that I actually talked to. I also noticed there were a bunch of grade elevens in the room too. But honestly that class is technically my favourite class because it contains one damn fine hottie in there.
Well the rest of the day was like a drag...until it was after lunch and I got completely confused. You see my friend "Tina" and I thought that we had English next. So we went around the school looking for English class, and well our English teacher told us, that we had English that meant we were fucking twenty minutes late to our next class....great.... So I walked into math LATE, and well I of course hate it when people give you that weird "what the hell are you doing late" stare. And well, since I am practically blind I couldn't seem to find my seat and this boy named "ShitfaceMcFatty" started laughing...well i gave him the finger. Good thing the teacher wasnt looking my way.

So yeah that was pretty much it of my first day...yeah I had English after but that was a complete snooze fest! i was late for English and now I have to sit at the front. FanFuckingtastic!

Well I hope all of my other readers that are in school had a good first day! Unlike me.. I shall blog soon seeya

~Kami <3

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