Tuesday, September 7, 2010

House of Night. OMG

*Warning:: Obsessive Kami is now going to be unleashed, so BEWARE!

Alrighty, so most of you should know that I read the House of Night Series, you would know if you actually read my blog, but hey whatever. Anyways, I own all the books so far. I own, Marked, Betrayed, Choosen, Untamed, Hunted, Tempted, and Burned. The new book which is coming out in January called, Awakened shall be mine! Mwahhahahahaha.

Yeah....lately I got into these books, because well they are really really good. I mean like Kristin and P.C Cast have done such a terrific job on these. It has everything that I look for in a book, love, hot boys, great character personalities, magic, and something that I wish was true. If you did not hear or read about these books here is a summary that I have come up with to the book so far..
**Warning this is kind of a spoiler**
So there is a girl named Zoey Redbird and she becomes marked, by the hand of the goddess of the night, which vampyres worship Nyx. She goes to the school called House of Night Tusla (there are many schools called house of night all over the world.) Yeah anyways, later the notice that she is not just a normal fledgling, she is quite powerful, she has the 5 affinities which are Air/Wind, Fire, Water, Earth and Spirit, and she has all these amazing tattoos all over her body. Yeah and she also has this special connection with Nyx. Later, her human "ex-boyfriend" Heath comes and finds her and tries to "break her out". And then and there she imprints with him. Oh yeah there is this evil bitch named Aphrodite and like she tries to sabatoge Zoey because, Zoey is special. And like Zoey hooks up with Aphrodite's ex-boyfriend Erik (who is totally hawt like I mean, I'd have his children if he were real :P) And yeah they start going out. Yeah Zoey also has this group of friends, in her circle are... Stevie Rae and she is Zoeys BFFL and she has the affinty for Earth, Damein he is gay and he has the affinity for Air/Wind, And Shaunee and Erin who are like Twins, and Shaunee has the affinity for fire, and Erin for water. Yeah, so zoey also has a cat named Nala, who I find very interesting. Before we move on Zoey has a mentor and its the high preistess and her name is Neferet and yeah, she is not what she is expected to be. Yeah and like later in the series all hell breaks loose if you read it you will know i just dont feel like ask me if you want to know. Other than that i wont bother.

Yeah so later Erik becomes an overly possessive asshole. And Zoey hand him like officially break up, and that's like in the 6th book i believe... And yeah she meets this other guy and his name is Stark and he is like a red vampyre (Red Vampyre:: Dead once and then alive and has humanity back and is normal again) And he is Zoeys warrior! Well this is basically all about him...yeah i just wanna share that I really love Stark and now he is my official fictional husband :P

So i really recommend you guys check this book out, if you want to know more then I will explain more :)

~Kami <3

Ps. Momo if you are out there, I am ever so dearly waiting for your e-mail.

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