StarStruck Ch. 7

Hey guys its chapter 7. I really hope you enjoy it! I know I loved this chapter. I LOVE IT!!
*Note: This chapter has a little bit of swearing


“Oh I am doing nothing right now; Darion is over that is all. So what are you doing?”

“I was going to come over, but I see Darion is over, so I guess I will see you tomorrow morning, Good-night beautiful.” He kissed the phone, and then soon hung up. I hung up the phone too. I walked back over to Darion and Tiffany they were on the couch watching TV.

“Well it is getting pretty late now, so I guess I have to go.” Darion got up and grabbed his keys. “Thanks for the pizza Maelle.”

“Darion you’re the one who ordered the pizza,” I giggled.

“AWWW don’t go Darion, we were just about to have some fun. There was going to be some Katy Perry action soon. Right Maelle?” she fluffed up her hair, and puckered up her lips.

“As much as you know I would enjoy that Tiffany I have to go. I will pick you up in the morning at about eleven so be ready!” he wagged his finger at Tiffany. Tiffany got up, and walked over to where Darion was standing.

“Oh you know I will be ready,” she put her arms around Darion’s neck, “good-night handsome.” Then she kissed Darion on the lips for like three seconds. Then she let go of Darion and grabbed the dishes off of the coffee table, and walked into the kitchen.

“Aren’t you going to kiss me good-night too?” Darion put his little puppy dog face on. I couldn’t resist that adorable face. I walked over to him,

“Good-night Darion see you tomorrow.” Then I kissed him lightly on the cheek. Darion slipped on his shoes, and walked outside into the dark.

The next morning I woke up, and stretched. I went into the bathroom, and brushed my teeth, and I took a shower. The shower was nice and hot, just the way I like it. Then I wrapped a towel around myself, and walked back into my room. I put one of my new outfits on. Then I did my hair. I added my short extensions in. They really did suite me well. You could see some of the clips, so I put a cute little hat on. I walked down stairs, and ate some cereal. Later, Tiffany came downstairs looking all snazzy. I looked nothing compared to her.

“Good morning roomy.” She said, as she sat down on the couch. “Did Darion call?”

“Morning, No Darion hasn’t called yet.”

“Maelle thanks for letting me stay here.”

“It’s ok; it’s nice to have some company. This house was lonely. So did you have a good-night’s sleep?” I asked as I started to wash some dishes from last night.

“Yes I did, the bed was very comfy, compared to my ex-boyfriend’s bed. His was like always sweaty. I had fun over at his house though.” She winked.

“Hey did you put extensions in your hair?” I asked. Her hair did look better than before.

“Uh yea I did, you like it?”She touched her hair, and then flicked it to the side. She raised her eyebrows, and puckered her lips. “Sexy right?”

“Uh definitely,” I smiled. Then the doorbell rang. “Could you get that Tiffany?” Tiffany leapt off of the couch, and opened the front door.

“Maelle I think your boyfriend is here, because he definitely doesn’t look like a construction worker.” She turned back to Nate, “Wow Maelle was right, you are sexy. I wish I was the one who was ripping off all of your clothes.” Nate blushed.


“Uh thanks.” Nate scratched his head, and walked right in. He sat down on the couch. Tiffany followed him, and sat on the loveseat. I finished drying my hands, and sat right beside Nate. I kissed him, and he kissed me back.

“Hello love.” I greeted Nate.

“Hello Miss Maelle,” he put both of his arms around me, and started to kiss my neck. I was enjoying the moment.

“Ahem.” Tiffany coughed. Then instantly Nate let go of me. “You two are quite the couple.”

“Yea we are she is my goddess.” Nate laughed. “I don’t think I have met you before I am Nate, Maelle’s boyfriend and you are?”

“Oh sorry excuse me, I am Tiffany Truce. I am Maelle’s new roommate.” She showed off her brilliant smile. “Maelle and I are getting along quite well now.” I nodded my head. “Just yesterday we met, and now we like best friends aren’t we Maelle?”

“Yup just like best friends.” I smiled back at her.

“Actually Nate, her and I had a stripping contest. It was quite fun Maelle has some nice cheeks. Later we went outside in the pool naked.” Tiffany giggled.

“Oh really, that sucks I missed it. I would have loved to of joined you too.” He winked at Tiffany.

“Well we actually didn’t do that Nate, Tiffany was just joking.” I told him. I hate it when she brings stupid things up like that. It makes me feel so uncomfortable.

“I know Maelle, only you and I do things like that.” I immediately turned into a bright shade of tomato red.


Finally Darion arrived, and Tiffany said good-bye and left Nate and I alone. Before she left she told me that the construction guy would be here soon to extend the wall in my room. She also mentioned that she has a big surprise for me. I wonder that is going to be. Matching thongs?

“Did I mention I love your new look.” He put his cold hand on my neck, and the other around my waist. “You look very nice.” Then he leaned over and kissed my neck. I quickly stepped away from him.

“Uh thanks Nate, so what did you do yesterday?” I asked.

“Oh I went to visit my mother, she was quite happy to hear, that I found someone to love.”

“Awe that is so cute,” I rushed over to him, and leapt into his arms. He held me for a while, and then put me back down.

“So what did you do yesterday?”

“Oh, Darion took Tiffany and I shopping and to the Salon. We got our hair done, and we bought new clothes. Later I told Tiffany that she could be my roommate because, she had no where to stay.” I said as I washed down the counter.

“So what are you going to do today? I was wondering if I could take you out for lunch.” He came up from behind me, and hugged me.

“Well today I am busy too, because Tiffany is like officially moving in today. She just went furniture shopping with Darion.” I turned around and kissed him.

“Oh she is moving in today? So she and Darion can do that, you and I can go out for lunch!” He took out his phone to make reservations. I grabbed the phone from his hand, and turned it off.

“Hey how about you help Tiffany and I redecorate our room with Darion?” I put my fingers to his lips, and slid them down along his body. He was very muscular, and he is all mine.

“Yea sure I’ll help you.” He leaned forward and kissed me. We stood there making out in the kitchen.


Tiffany burst through the door with excitement!

“I’m HOME!” she dropped all of her bags right in front of the door, and shook off her shoes. “I am so tired of carrying all of those bags!” she ran into the kitchen, and grabbed a glass of water. “Maelle did the construction guy come?”

“Yea he did, and he made the room bigger, than it was before. So what things did you buy?” I asked so curiously. I really hope she didn’t go over board and buy like the whole store.

“Oh I bought stuff for our room. I also bought you a new bed with a matching dresser and make-up stand and everything! You are going to love it!” she rushed over to Darion. “Darion ask Nate if he could help you carry the bed’s and stuff inside.” Nate and Darion went outside, and brought in a lot of boxes.

“Are all those boxes for our room?” I stood there absolutely stunned.

“Uh-huh,” she nodded her head, “now let’s go upstairs, and remove everything from the room and then we shall start to redecorate!” she grabbed my wrist and led me upstairs.

She and I started to move all of the things into the attic. Then later the guys came and did all of the lifting. Tiffany and I started to paint the room, to the color that we both liked. It was a nice creamy sort of orange. Then Darion and Nate opened all of the boxes, and put the beds where we instructed them to go. Next we added all of the other furniture, and the final touches to our room. My room now looked more modern and sleek, than it did before. Good-bye old room, hello new and modern!


“Well folks I think we did one hell of a job!” Tiffany hugged Darion.

“I think we did a hell of a job too!” I looked around in my room; it had a nice bubbly comfortable feel to it. I was no longer in a childish room anymore. I am a big girl now, who has big dreams.

“Well I think we should celebrate!” Nate said, as he squeezed me.

“Speaking of celebrating,” Darion interpreted, “There is a CD premier party for my new CD Day Dreamer. Anyways my manager is holding the party at the Bayfield Restaurant, so are you guys coming? We could celebrate two things there!”

“So when is the Party Darion?” Nate asked his arms were still around my waist.

“Well sorry for the short notice, but the party is tonight.” Darion put on his crooked smile. “Also you need a date for the party, and the dress code is formal.”

“Well Nate and I would love to come! We never went to an exclusive party before.” I slipped out of Nate’s clutch, and went to my new dresser. I stood there thinking of what I would wear.

“Hey Darion I shall be your date, to the party!” Tiffany kissed Darion’s hand and held it tight.

“Sure you can Tiffany! Nate you and I should leave so these lovely ladies could get ready. You should come to my place; I have a tux that would fit you just fine.” Nate and Darion left the house and drove back to Darion’s house.

“Well we shall start getting ready Maelle!” Tiffany took off all of her clothes and she stood right in front of me just wearing her bra and underwear. I hope she doesn’t say you’re turn.


Tiffany stood in her bra and underwear fixing herself in the mirror. She had just finished doing her hair.

“I love your hair Maelle!” she squealed. “So what dress are you going to wear?”

“I have no clue, but I think I have a dress in mind.” I said as, I watched her attack her face with make-up.

“Oh I have a dress to wear! It’s nice and sexy. I would love to wear it to a red carpet premier but this is also an important occasion!” she walked over to me and checked me out. “Maelle you have one sexy body too, no wonder Nate and you are like the perfect couple!” she squeezed me. It was sort of awkward hugging a half naked person. I quickly let go of her.

“Um I think I am going to get into my dress now.” I took my dress and went behind the changing screen; I took off my pyjamas and unzipped my dress. I slipped into it, and zipped it back up.

“Yea I think I am going to put my dress on too.” I stepped from out behind the screen. I looked into the mirror, and caught my reflection. I looked beautiful; this is going to be the best night ever! I put my necklace on, and then my shoes. I was ready to look dazzling and beautiful just like the night sky!

“Whoa honey you look gorgeous! I would hug you but that would wrinkle your dress.” She smiled at me. I smiled back at her. She looked really pretty herself. I loved her dress, and the hair to match.

“Why thank you darling, just take a look at you!” she spun around.

“Do you really think so?” she looked at herself in the mirror, “You’re right I do look hot.” She winked at herself in the mirror.


Tiffany and I put the final touches on our outfit and we were ready to go!

“Maelle when Nate gets a glimpse of you he is going to drop dead.” She laughed. “You are so lucky you know. You have a boyfriend that cares about you, and a best friend who will never do anything to hurt you.” She touched my arm, and I was facing her. “Darion talks about you all the time you know. He really cares about you.” She smiled at me.

“He talks about me?” my cheeks went red.

“Yea he always talks about your adventures with him,” she giggled. “I wish I was you, you have like a perfect life. I bet it will get even more perfect if Nate proposes to you.”

“I hope he proposes to me soon, I cannot wait!” I jumped in excitement. If Nate proposes to me my life would be complete! Nate and I do make a cute couple.

“Maelle could I tell you something, and could you not get mad.”

“Yea sure anything, so what’s on your mind?” I put her chin up, and gave her a motherly smile.

“Maelle I think I might be in....” she was about to say something, then the doorbell rang.

“Oh could you tell me later, I think that might be Nate and Darion!” I checked myself out in the mirror before I left. Then I dashed out the door leaving Tiffany by herself in the room.

“I don’t think it can wait....”


“Hey guys how do I look?” I said as I opened the door. There stood my knight in shining armour. He had a huge smile on his face; he came close to me and kissed me.

“Beautiful as usual Maelle,” he said in my ear.

“You look nice Maelle.” Said Darion he smiled at me, and walked inside. “So are you ladies ready to go?”

“I sure am!” Tiffany said as she walked down the stairs. “Let’s party! Woot woot!” She threw her hands up in the air, and started to twirl her hips around and around.

“Alright I guess we could go now.” I slipped my hand into Nate’s and then walked out into the world. “This is going to be the best night ever,” I whispered out into the open air where little pixies could only hear me. We all went in Darion’s car. Tiffany and Darion sat in the front, and Nate and I were in the back. I couldn’t stop thinking about the night we were going to have! We finally arrived at the location of the party. I stepped out of the car, and music filled the air. I followed Darion and Tiffany into the court yard where the party was held.

“So what do you want to do first?” Nate asked me.

“Well I am a little hungry so let’s get some food.” We found a table to sit at, and we ate our food silently.

“This is some party huh? I think I just spotted Lady Gaga!” he turned his neck to see Lady Gaga pass by. “I think I am going to go talk to her be right back honey.” He got out of his seat, and walked over to Lady Gaga. I sat there alone at my table, playing around with my food. Nate was right there were a lot of celebrities here, I just wanted only one celebrity in particular to come talk to me, and that celebrity is Darion Knight.

Pg, 10

***Darion’s P.O.V ***

“Yea Justin you are so right there should be serving different types of shrimp here, I’ll go talk to the chef about that.” I winked at Justin Timberlake, and then made my way through the crowd. Tiffany was there talking to some of her friends. I thought I saw Nate talking to P. Diddy. Where was Maelle? I didn’t see her at all. I looked around in the crowd; there was no sign of Maelle. Then someone tapped my shoulder, I spun around to find myself talking to my manager Arnold.

“Hey what’s up Arnold?” I shook his hand.

“Oh nothing, are you enjoying the party? I see you have asked little Miss hottie to the Party.” He winked at me.

“No she actually asked me. The girl who I wanted to ask was already taken, but Tiffany is a good date too.” I nudged him.

“Oh well you are up, you have to make your speech, and then perform one of your songs!” Arnold pushed me through the crowd, and stood me right in front of the restaurant.

“Alright ladies and gentlemen have a seat because Darion is going to talk!” he grabbed the microphone, and handed it to me. I grabbed it, and then looked blankly at the crowd. They all gave me their un- divided attention.

“Hey guys, I just want to say thanks for coming to my party. We are going to have one hell of a night! So anyways first of all I just want to say a few things. Well I want to thank all of my fans for supporting me. I also want to thank Arnold for managing me; he is just like a big brother to me. I also want to thank Maelle Thomas for sticking out for me in high school. If it wasn’t for her, I may not even have become a famous singer. So without further adieu I would like to sing a song for you guys.” I put the microphone on the side, and then grabbed my guitar.

Na Na Na yea....
Baby you are the only one, that makes me live.
Baby you are the only one, which makes me smile.
All I wanna do is hold you close, this time.
I didn’t have the words to say to you before, but now I’m stronger.
Look me in the eyes, and I will show you, the world.
It’s just you and I, so there is no need to worry.
All I wanna do is kiss you.
All I wanna say is I love you.
Baby you make me feel so happy. I would do nothing to hurt you.
You make my heart beat at night,
You make me wanna say all the crazy things that I wanted to say.
And now that you’re mine, I will not leave side.
Oh... I will not leave your side.


***Maelle’s P.O.V ***

Wow Darion’s songs just keep getting better and better. I need to go congratulate him, and then give him a big hug! I was walking up to Darion when someone grabbed me by the wrist. I turned around, and saw Nate smiling at me.

“Hey sorry for leaving you at the table, supper is being served so I was wondering if you would like to eat now.”

“Uh sure, I guess I could talk to Darion later.” I walked behind Nate, to our table and sat down. We were served our supper. “So are you enjoying the party Nate?”

“Yea I talked to a lot of celebrities today, Justin Timberlake said he is throwing a party next weekend and we are invited.” He smiled at me.

“Oh that’s cool, wow we are getting very popular around here,” I giggled. But it was true; if I didn’t even come to this party my social status wouldn’t even rise. I ate my dinner with Nate, we chatted about the party and the latest gossip. Nate had a few drinks, but I didn’t. I looked at the dance floor and saw Tiffany dancing with a bunch of her friends. She looked drunk; hopefully she doesn’t puke when we get home. “Hey Nate look at Tiffany she looks like she is having a blast!”

“Yea, she looks like she is having a blast. You and I should dance later ok.” He got up from his chair and screamed; “Tiffany shake it sexy!” he sat back down and chuckled, “I just had to do that.”

“Sure you did,” I laughed. This day was awesome! But it would make it even more awesome if I danced, and talked to Darion! After we ate Nate took me to the dance floor, and we danced our butts off. Time passed by, and then I just remembered to talk to Darion. “Hey Nate have you seen Darion?”

“No, but you go look for him I am going to be here dancing ok.” I left the dance floor, and searched everywhere for Darion. He was nowhere to be seen! Where the hell is that guy! He couldn’t have gone far. Then I spotted Darion’s manager Arnold.

“Hey Arnold have you see Darion?”

“Yea he was with Tiffany, I think he was going to drop Tiffany off home.”

“Oh thanks.” I smiled at him, and went to go find Nate. When I found Nate, I told him that I should be going home now because, I felt tired. He nodded his head. We called a cab and went home.


I walk through the door and notice Darion’s shoes. I guess he was making sure Tiffany came here safely.

“Nate you wait here, I will be right back. I am going to check up on Tiffany ok.” Nate nodded his head, and turned on the television. I walked up the stairs, to the room which Tiffany and I shared. I heard little giggling. I guess Tiffany was really drunk! I opened the door, and I was surprised! More like disgusted! There was Tiffany alright she was wearing nothing but her bra and underwear. And on top of her, was Darion Knight! I really didn’t know what to say or do. I stood there frozen, in shock. I know I should be feeling embarrassed at the fact that I walked in on two people having sex! I wasn’t embarrassed, I had a different feeling, I felt angry at the fact my best friend and roommate were entwined with each other. Darion then caught a glimpse of me. His face turned ghost white. He got off of Tiffany, and started walking towards me.

“Darion don’t even come close to me! Don’t even look at me! Just listen to me, is this the way you like to celebrate?” My eyes filled with tears. Tiffany got off the bed, and looked at me.

“Maelle why the hell do you like you’re about to cry, you don’t love Darion so why are you crying? You have a boyfriend of your own you know, so go grab him and go to a hotel.” She put her hands on her hips, and flipped her hair.

“Tiffany just shut the fuck up! I wasn’t talking to you!” Just then I realized I couldn’t take all this. I couldn’t stand here anymore I had to leave right away! I turned around and ran down the stairs. “Nate I want to go to your place, let’s go now please!” I turned off the TV, and grabbed Nate. Nate once again called a taxi, and he and I went to his house.


We came to Nate’s house. The first thing that I did when I got to his house was grab a glass of water. Nate walked inside, and then sighed.

“So what happened? You look like you were crying?” he came over and held me in his arms.

“Nate I just caught Tiffany and Darion on her bed know,” I didn’t even want to say the word.

“So I don’t get what is wrong with that. Darion and Tiffany are in love.” He looked into my eyes.

“Wait did Darion say that he is in love with Tiffany?” I asked.

“No, it just seems to me they are because they were doing it.” He replied, and then he kissed my forehead, “why do you care anyways?”

“That’s just it; I don’t know why I care.” I let of Nate, and then sat on his couch. He came over, and put his arm around me. He leaned forward and started to kiss my neck. Then he started to unzip my dress. I quickly pushed him away from me. “Nate I am not in the mood to make love with you, can’t you see I am not feeling well?” I zipped my dress back up. “Do you have something that I could wear?”

“Sorry about that, yea I think my sister has something of hers which she can lend.” He went into another room, and brought out shorts and a t-shirt. “Here put this on, I don’t think she will mind.” I went into the bathroom and changed into the clothing, and then came back out.

“Nate I think I am going to sleep on the couch.”

“You can sleep in my room, and I will sleep on the couch.” He led me the way to his room. He kissed me good-night and then closed the door behind him. I turned the light off, and then crawled into bed. As soon as my head touched the pillow I instantly fell asleep.


I didn’t really have a good-night sleep. I had a nightmare! I kept replaying Darion and Tiffany on the bed. I just wanted to get that out of my mind. After I brushed my teeth, I headed to the kitchen, where I saw Nate eating his breakfast. He didn’t look happy this morning, he looked worried.

“Good Morning Nate!” I came up from behind him, and kissed him on the cheek.

“Good Morning Maelle.” He kept eating his breakfast. After he ate it he put the dishes in the sink, and walked over to me. He held my hands, and weakly smiled at me. “Maelle I have been thinking last night.”

“Oh what have you been thinking about?” I asked.

“I was thinking about you and me and the incident. And I thought about something that bothered me. So I am going to spit it out ok, Maelle do you love Darion? When I mean you love him I mean, not like family love, I mean love him.” He looked at me trying to search for the answer in my eyes.

“I.....I.....I think I do.” I closed my eyes, and thought about it.

“Well then I have only one thing to say to you then.”

“What is that?”

“I’m breaking up with you. I cannot date a girl who is in love with someone else. I am sorry Maelle you and I don’t have a chance to be together. You can keep the clothes, and I guess you can leave now. I don’t really want to see you again. I am moving back to Chicago tomorrow, so I guess I have to say good-bye.” He let go of my hands, and then picked up my dress, and gave it to me. I thought my heart was stabbed yesterday, but the wound was even deeper.

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