Monday, September 13, 2010


So at this moment I am quite heartbroken. You're probably wondering why? Well here goes the story...

You see I was being a good little girl doing my math homework. And well something caught my eye. And the headline was "Newborn baby found in airplane garbage." So me being very curious clicked on it.

And by watching the video it broke my heart. The baby was newborn and it had its cord still attached to him. He was wrapped in tissue paper and was stuffed in the garbage. The mother intentionally abandoned him, that so sad. I mean really does she not have any good sense? Like who the fuck to do you think you are stuffing a human child into a garbage bag? If you don't want the child then simply put him in the orphanage.

Luckily security found him in the bag, he had cut and they were bleeding. The security said that he wasn't crying but he was moving. They took him the the hospital immediately, and now hes being taken care of in the Philippians hospital. God Bless his little soul, make him stronger and better soon. Poor little guy.



  1. OMG that is horrifying! I hate hearing about abandonment stories. they are so freakin sad it breaks my heart also. D: poor baby, i hope he survives and finds very loving parents to love and cherish him :( thats sad, but at least he was still alive. Poor baby he is gonna have detachment issues for his whole life. so sad...

  2. I also hope he finds loving parents, that will cherish him. I mean, he deserves to be loved and cared for, everyone has that right. And no one should be able to take that right from them.

  3. That was depressing. :( I hope that he heals and lives a happy life.

  4. Some people are too cheap-ass and ACTUALLY SIT THERE AND FILL OUT ORPHANAGE PAPERS and leave their kids somewhere. The lady should have pre-arranged for someone to take care of the kid or had orphanage papers filled out.

    I agree, I hope that baby gets the best fucking home a kid could have. Seriously, he deserves it. Actually, you know what? I'm gonna sit down and pray for that poor little baby. It'll take a minute to wish for someone's life to be good.

  5. WOW! People are beyond f'd up!! Seriously. I hope their able to find a loving family for him man. Seriously there are woman all over the world who cant have children but want one I'm pretty sure if that woman really actually cared for the safety of the baby she could've found him a family before he was born. Arghh some people!

  6. i have no comment, as the things i would LIKE to say, would probalby tick alot of ppl off.... but this is discipcable, and i hope they find this bitch and hang her


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