Thursday, September 2, 2010

Well your a bitch!

So today was the day where I had to get my textbook from the library for Math class. So you know I lined up. I was ahead of "bitch 1" and "bitch 2". And behind me was "Jayleen" & "Sarah". Well Jayleen and Sarah were talking about The House of Night Series. And I guess Sarah couldn't remember what book was next after burned. Well I stepped into the conversation, and told her the answer and she nicely thanked me.

Then I guess I kind of left the conversation, and started looking at my schedule. Sarah then started talking about how she cried at the end of some emotional books. Well I think thats logical, if you have a heart and you are really sensitive you would cry at the end of movies and books (Like me, but I dont read sad books because they make me cry, but i watch sad movies lol). So then bitch 1 whispered to bitch 2 about how stupid a person can be if they cry at the end of books/movies. After we left the library bitch one and two were ahead of me, and they were making fun of Sarah. You know it really pissed me off. Like if you have nothing to say nice, then shut your shit trap up, because apparently it doesn't come from your ass bitch! And to top it off she looks like a whore.
Reasons for looking like a whore::
1. A super mini skirt, where you can practically see her undies if she bends over.
2.Her skanky tanktop which shows a lot of her bra.
3. Just the way she walks and shit.

So, I didnt want to create a scene since its only been three days. So next time if she ever talks shit like that again, I am going to bitch her out. She has no fucking right to make people feel that way.

-Kami <3

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