StarStruck Chapter 5!

Chapter 5! Sorry i don't have the title page no more, I cannot find it :(
So here we go....


When we arrived, he led me inside and let me be. I changed out of my sweaty outfit, into a new one. It is totally not my fault that I am a sweaty kid! Then I walked downstairs to see what he was up to. There was Nate watching TV, I really wanted the guy to leave, because of this weird day I am having.


He looked back at me, and smiled, “Come sit with me.” I walked up to him and planted my butt beside him. He then gently put his arm around me, and pulled me closer to his body. “Did I ever tell you how sexy you look?” I blushed. I replied not thinking,

“No you haven’t what is up with you today?” He smirked, and said,

“I am in love with someone.” His eyes starred directly at me. I moved closer to him, and kissed him.

“Well I am in love too.” Then there we sat on the couch kissing each other. I had no clue what I was doing, but I loved it!


“So what was the surprise?” I asked. He released me from him, and got up.

“Why don’t we go upstairs?” He held my hand, and led me to the room which my mom used to sleep in. Yes I still sleep in my pink room still!

“So now what?” I crossed my arms, and sat on the bed. He smiled and sat beside me. He lent forward and kissed my cheek.

“I was thinking....” he whispered, into my ear and then I cut him off.

“That was exactly what I was thinking,” Then I started to take my socks off, and then his clothes. I am guessing you know what happened next.


The sun peaked through the cracks of the blinds, and hitting my eyes. I opened them slightly to see where I was. I was in my mom’s bed naked, and my body was wrapped around Nate’s. I turned looked around, and found my bra and my underwear, and slipped it on. I got up and walked into the bathroom. I picked up my toothbrush and started to brush my teeth. It was the only thing I could do besides talk about last night. Well let me tell you last night was something, it felt.....good I guess. I really don’t know what is wrong with me, but I need to take a bath.


After my bath I threw on some clothes, and walked downstairs. There was Nate eating cereal at the table.

“Hey Nate,” I said ever so casually, just as if we did nothing. He got up and put the dish in the sink. He walked towards me, and put his hands around my hips. He moved his face forward so our noses were touching.

“I love you Maelle,” he said so softly. His eyes were drawing me closer and closer towards him. I lent in forward and kissed him,

“I love you to Nate.”

Pg. 6

We had our little moment between us, and then the door bell rang. I let go of him to see who it was. I hope it’s not the mailman he has been getting a little bit annoying these days. I swung open the door, to find a brown haired green eyed friend. Who was wearing his world famous smile.

“Hi Maelle, told you we would hang out,” he leaned forward and kissed me on the cheek and stepped inside. It felt like good old times again which I missed. “Whoa this place has never changed!” He walked around the house touching the bookshelf, and the computer, the couch. Then Nate walked into the room,

“Oh hi, Darion right?” He extended his hand forward for a handshake. Darion shook his hand like a gentleman.

“You’re Nate right, the one whom I met yesterday.” Darion glanced over at me, and smiled. “Hey you are here pretty early?” Nate sort of blushed and nodded,

“Actually I spent the night here.” He stuck his hands in his pockets, and looked at me and gave me those eyes that said HELP!! I just stood there and let him handle himself, I wasn’t in the mood for drama, “hey I have to use the bathroom, excuse me.” I started to giggle because of his lame excuse.

Pg. 7

Darion started to giggle to. This was nice having Darion in my house just him and me, in the living room alone. Well Nate was here, but sort of having a shocking moment. Artists are Artists after all.

“So he stayed the night over?” Darion crossed his arms and looked a little upset. I rushed over to him and threw my arms around him. I hugged him so tight. He slipped his hands below my waist. We hugged for a while.

“Darion are you mad at me?” I stared into his sparkling green eyes. He smiled and then started to giggle.

“Of course not, if I was mad at you for losing your... you know with Nate that would be completely stupid!” He soon let go of my waist and sat on the couch. I looked side- ways and noticed Nate coming out of the bathroom.


He walked up to me, and slipped his hands in the back pockets of my jeans. I couldn’t resist but, put my arms around his neck. We stood there like a couple; I could see Darion’s face in the corner of my eye. He looked disgusted; he quickly turned his face away from us, and starred at the floor. Typical Darion.

“Hey Maelle I have to go home now,” he kissed my forehead, and then he slipped his lips to my neck, and started kissing me. I totally knew what he was doing; he was trying to make Darion jealous. Like as if Darion, was a threat to our relationship. We are best friends after all.

“Alright bye Nate, call me later alright.” I kissed him. Then Nate held me closer, his hands were on my butt, and I could tell Darion was feeling uncomfortable. We stood there kissing for a while, and then Darion interrupted us,

“I could’ve gone to the movies to see this.” He playfully started to gag, just to annoy Nate.

“Alright then,” he let go of me and held my hand, “see you around sexy.” Nate slipped his shoes on and went home. I closed to the door.


Just when I closed the door Darion got up, “What the hell was that? See you later Sexy?” Darion rubbed his temples. He looked very angry; I have never seen him that angry before. “Also why did you two just have to like.....technically....have sex in front of me?” He sat back down on the couch. I slowly took steps towards the couch, and then finally sat down. I didn’t want to do anything to upset the poor kid like that again.

“I’m sorry Darion; he is my boyfriend after all.” I really felt bad, for making him see that. I thought he would be cool with it though, since he and I are just best friends. He walked up to me and lifted me off the ground into a big hug.

“No Maelle I should be sorry, I am sorry for spazzing out on you.”


“It’s ok Darion; people can be mistaken, and forgiven.” I wiggled out of his arms. “So what do you want to do now?” I asked. I was quite bored to be honest. I really didn’t know what to do. This whole week as been boring lately, except for last night where Nate took me out to dinner, and then surprised me at home.

“I was thinking we could go to the park, or we could hit some clubs.”

“Nah, I don’t feel like clubbing, I actually feel like relaxing.” I started walking towards, the steps so I could go change into my bathing suit. Then Darion grabbed my wrist.

“Maelle I really don’t want to go outside, and relax I actually want to have fun!” I let my wrist free, and put my hands on my hips.

“Well if you don’t want to relax, and I don’t want to dance then what do you suggest?” I flicked my bangs out of my face, “But honestly Darion I had enough fun yesterday.”

“Well I didn’t Tiffany was up all night, talking to her mother.” He sat down, and flipped open his phone.

“Wait who is Tiffany?” I crossed my arms, and starred at him.


“Tiffany is a girl, who I met.” His hands were getting sweaty, I could tell because he kept rubbing them against his pants.

“Oh is she your girlfriend?” I raised one eyebrow.

“No, I don’t have a girlfriend Maelle.” He gave me an innocent look, like he always used to when I would question him. He is a pretty comedic guy.

“Alright then, what was she doing at your house last night?”

“Tiffany needed a place to stay because her boyfriend broke up with her, she was so emotionally disabled. She cried, and cried. She also talked to her mother. Since I was being a good friend to her, I stayed up all night listening to her.”

“Oh alright, let’s just change the subject.”


Darion and I sat on the couch for a long time. It was quite it seemed as if that we have drawn apart from each other. Darion and I usually have a lot to talk about. We have never ever seemed to have drifted apart. We were always there; we knew the latest thing, etc. It was so much fun! I love Darion and he loves me, and that is all that matters right? Now when I say I love him I mean as a brother, and nothing more.


P.O.V. Darion

Look at her she is just too beautiful, she is like an angel who made me love. Yea I know that might sound cheesy, but she is amazing. I love her, I love Maelle Thomas.

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