Friday, September 17, 2010

Important: update on health and stuff

Hi guys! Here is my update for your skin and health.

The other day I read something in Computer class which was shocking. You see everybody knows about the H1N1 the so called "deadly flu" well its proven that this whole H1N1 is bullshit. You know the vaccines that the doctors use to help you get away from the flu? Yeah that vaccine makes you sicker, that vaccine contains the flu. Also on natural there is an article saying that doctors are not telling patients that there are better cures than the vaccines. Ok say that there is an influenza, and if there is the doctors will not tell you that there is a better cure than a shot. This better cure is a vitamin D! So if you even get sick, or get this "influenza" then I suggest Sun and Vegetables!
Link to article>>>

Coming to stores today FrakenFish! Yeah that's right its a fish and its genetically engineered. Yup its a new whacky scheme the FDA have come up with (whats weirdos xD). They have been pumped with extra growth hormones. You know what the scary part is? You can't tell which one is "FrakenFish" and which one is the normal salmon. So America yes YOU America be careful!
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FDA is BULLSHIT! They are supposed to be taking care of peoples health, but instead they are hiding things from us!
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  1. Thanks for the warning. The Frankenfish thing is ridiculous. I don't eat fish anyway, but with the oil spill and now this, I'm sure I'm never going to eat fish.

  2. All vaccines contain what it is trying to prevent, it is how it works. Malaria vaccines contain a controlled amount of malaria, chicken pox vaccine contains a controlled amount of chicken poxs, just as the H1N1 vaccine contains a controlled amout of H1N1. The vaccine is a way to build up your body's immune system so in the case that you do contract the virus, your body will be better prepared to fight it.

  3. No problem Shinxy :)

    And Rayy noo, this vaccine contains the common flu. Sorry I dont know if i was clear enough or not. It has been proven, and I still suggest to get the fuck away from it as possible. Any drug/medicine is not good for you. For example last year I was sick for a very long time. My mom kept giving me this medicine to take. It had been a month and I still wasnt any better. My uncle told me just to avoid it for a while. So I did, and later did you know I got better that week :)
    I honestly don't trust that shit anymore.


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