Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Kartal Legacy!

Hey Everyone! I am going to have a legacy out soon :D I just finished making the house and my Founder Jamie Kartal :D Shes so awesome and pretty. So basically this post is about it a little bit :D

Kartal Legacy is not going to be one of those ordinary legacies. It's going to be an on-going story of a family (lol yes i realize that is what legacies are). Jamie the beautiful founder of this legacy is going to open up with her heart, and show the world what the Kartal family is going to be like. Her life is going to be filled with drama and love.

I really hope you are going to like it :D You'll see what I throw into this legacy. And with this legacy I hope you like it. If you're wondering where you can catch it then follow this link


Oh also Chama's wonderful legacy is going to be on there. So don't be afraid to check that out too! Her legacy chapters might come out before mine because, I am still slowly working on mine tee hee :D


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