Thursday, April 29, 2010

StarStruck Ch.8

OMG! You guys! Chapter 8 is here, and you have to read it! This chapter will, just shock you and make you feel amazing! You have to read it, please read it :D


Monday, April 26, 2010

StarStruck Ch.7

OMG! Guess what chapter 7 has been released! LET THERE BE STARSTRUCK!
*Dances* This is going to be one kick ass chapter! You just have to read it! You MUST!!!

Oh please comment here if you would like :D

Saturday, April 24, 2010

New Simmy!

Hey you guys I have a new Simmy to share, and I think she is just beautiful!
Well her hair could be different, but I think it gives her a certain edge.
What do you think of her. Should I upload her or not?

To view and image of her check out StarStruck Ch.6!!!

StarStruck Ch.6

Hey guys chapter 6 has been realeased!! So please comment here of what you think is going to happen. And if you like it, the party has just begun!!!

- Kami

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Been a while.....

Sorry you guys that i haven't updated this, thing its been a while and I know. I have been so busy with life. But please don't be dissapointed because..... NEW STARSTRUCK CHAPTER!! Its chapter 5! I will add it so soon. Like right after this post

- Kami

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My Demi Lovato Sim

So yesterday, I was inspired to make a Demi Lovato Sim. I did use cc on her, but not a lot though. Don't ask me why I choose her, but I did. I guess I thought Viet might like her. I am not sure if she discovered that I have created her. LAWL!

Here is a picture of the beautiful sim.

So what do you think of her? [Click on the pic to enlarge] If you like her and wish to have her in your game, then here is the link:

The List of cc:
CC Skin- From Club Cryimson [Barbie Set]
CC hair- From pay sites must be destroyed
CC everyday wear- All About Style! [whole]

Please Download her, and rec her.
- Kami

Playing Sims 2

So today, I was really really really! Bored, so I decided to play The sims2. I don't have it on PC though :( I have it on Ps2 its just as good right? lol So lets see, my characters name is Marella. She loves to hit on people, ha ha she is one player :D
So anyways she has whoohooed 5 guys. Now she has a career in art! ART FTW!!!
So, anyways she is now having bad luck because she cheated in front of all 5 guys. Isn't she the heart breaker?
*Clicky on Pic to see large size*

Something Freaky


So recently today, I was on the forums being a wierdo as usual. I was talking to Daily and Purple, and BG about how they didn't know this was an old thread. Then I thought it would be cool to find a older thread and post on it. So I went and found a thread. Then BG said that he could find an older thread than that. So he went and found one called, "How do I bath my toddler" I commented on how all these people were old, and nobody knew them. Then BG said something about them too. Then the scary part happened........

The creepy part was that this person posted on the thread before too. BG and I were freaked out. Now that is one wierd day. The person assured us they weren't a zombie. But like creepy much?


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Welcome to Kami's Space

Welcome to Kami's Space, where everything is great! I have created a blog so people can easily access my stories, my sims, and much more. I hope this blog will be awesome, so please visit. Just remember this place is still under construction, and I will soon have everything under control. So please feel free to follow me.

- Kami
P.s Firefox sucks when it comes to making blogs.

Kami's Peeps