StarStruck Ch.6

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“Darion, so what do you want to do?” I whined. This was a boring day! The boy wouldn’t even talk all he did was stare at the wall, or take quick glances at me. Then turn his head again. “Are you hungry, can I help you?”

“Maelle do you want to go shopping or something?” he asked. What was wrong with this boy! He is asking me to go shopping. Darion hates going shopping, especially with me! This guy has gone insane.

“Darion do you have a fever or something?” I asked.

“No, I was just wondering, if you don’t want to go then we could do something of your choice.” Darion took his phone out of his pocket and then texted someone back.

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“Who are you texting?” I walked to the couch where he was sitting. I sat down and peeked over his shoulder. He quickly pushed me back, so I punched his arm.

“Maelle do you mind?” he covered the screen with his hand. I crossed my arms and sat on the couch mad at him. What happened to the Darion who always let me see his text messages, and even maybe let them answer them.

“What has gotten into you lately?” I poked his arm, “first you ask me if I want to go shopping; now you won’t let me see who you are texting? What happened to my Darion?”

“Your Darion is right here, he has just gotten more open.” He closed his phone, and stuck it back into his pocket. “I also asked you if you wanted to go shopping was because Tiffany wanted to meet you, and I thought what better way for girls to bond was to go shopping!”

“Oh, sorry to jump on you like that Darion, you are a very sweet person.” I slid over and gave him a big hug. Darion can be as sweet as a teddy bear sometimes.

“Hey Maelle, I don’t mind if you jump on me,” he winked. I punched his arm, and that was that.


“So go grab your purse, and we will get going.” He got up from the couch and headed towards, the door. Before he got to the door I stopped him,

“Darion wait, I have to get ready watch some football or something?”

“Maelle didn’t you just take a shower? He rolled his eyes at me, and then started giggling.

“Yea I did, but I cannot be caught dead wearing this! I have to go and change!” I dashed upstairs, then stopped, “Darion come and help me choose an outfit.”

“Maelle, just go find one to wear!” He dragged his feet towards the couch.

“NO! Please come here, and help me!” I ran to Darion and grabbed his collar and dragged his little butt upstairs.


“Whoa seriously Maelle you need to redecorate this place. It looks the same way I left it.” He smiled. He touched all the little memories in the room. Then he walked towards the purple little couch. “I have to ask Nina to redecorate this place for you.”

“I honestly don’t think I would like to change a thing! It’s perfect, because it leaves so many good memories.” I went behind the changing screen, and looked in my dresser to see what I could wear. All of these clothes looked too old for Darion. His friend Tiffany would probably laugh in my face, if I wore these clothes. Maybe it was time for me to shop, and look different. Since my best friend is a rock star I should dress like one too!

“Hey Maelle is it ok, if I give Tiffany your address so she can come right now?”

“Yea, sure, whatever.” I threw a pile of clothes on the ground.

“Maelle what are you doing? Just choose something!” Darion seemed very impatient.

“Nothing is good enough for you,” I mumbled.

“What did you say?”

“Nothing, it wasn’t really important.” I slammed my drawer shut! This was going to take a while until I find something to wear. I sighed, “Darion could you please help me choose something to wear.”

“Fine let me see what you got.” I quickly put my clothes back on, and stepped out from behind the screen. Darion opened my drawers, and started to dig through my horrible clothing!

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“Here wear this!” he pulled out a yellow tank top and some shorts. “These will look absolutely sexy on you.” He threw the clothes, at me and told me to hurry up and change! I was slipping my shorts on when the doorbell rang. “It’s probably Tiffany I shall get it.” Darion opened the door, and ran down the stairs. I was standing in my room; my heart felt like it was going to fall out of my chest! I quickly did my hair, and grabbed my wallet. I slipped on my flip flops and walked down the stairs.

“Hey you must be Tiffany.” I walked up to the girl, and shook her hand. She smiled at me. Tiffany was really pretty; she had the most beautiful lips I have ever seen in my life. They were nice and full. She looked really good in pink too. I loved her hair; it had a certain edge to it.

“And you must be Maelle Thomas, it’s nice to finally meet you!” she pulled me into a friendly hug. It was kind of awkward because, I am hugging someone whom I have never met before.

“Well I am glad you two met, so now I guess we can go to the mall now!” Darion put his hands together. He put his hands on Tiffany’s back and moved her towards the door. I grabbed my keys, and followed them out the door.

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We sat down in the car. Darion sat in the driver’s seat, and Tiffany sat in the front too. So I sat in the backseat. Tiffany was looking at herself in the mirror, when she caught my reflection. She smiled widely at me,

“Maelle you are so pretty, I wish I looked like you!” she closed the mirror, and then turned around, and faced me. “It’s so nice to finally to see you in person! Darion keeps talking about you, when you guys were little.” I blushed; I guess Darion didn’t really know what else to say.

“Oh really, because that is usually what I talk about with my boyfriend Nate,” I lied.

“You have a boyfriend? Is he hot? What does he do for a living?” Tiffany blurted out like five million questions all at once.

“Yes I have a boyfriend his name is Nate, and yes he is hot even ask Darion. Nate is also an artist, but he is more into computer art, like designing backgrounds, and web pages.”

“Oh that is interesting!” Tiffany then turned around, and told Darion to stop the car, when we pass the hair salon. “Maelle have you ever gotten a haircut?”

“Uh....yea I got it cut like two years ago.” I scratched my head, “why do you ask?”

“I was thinking we could all go to the hair salon and get our hair cut, or dyed.” She said as she touched her hair. I glanced at Darion; he was too busy looking at the road. So I turned my head and looked out the window.

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When the car stopped Tiffany quickly took her seatbelt off, and got out of the car. I stepped out of the car, and took in a big hunk of fresh air in. We all walked together into the salon. Tiffany checked all of us in. Darion and I sat down at the waiting area. I grabbed a fashion magazine, and looked at all of the pictures.

“Are you excited?” Darion nudged me.

“Am I excited for getting my hair done? Well yes I sort of am, it’s nice to have a new change in your life.” I pulled the magazine, back in front of my face.

“That’s cool. Well how do you like Tiffany?”

“Tiffany is cool, she sure does talk a lot though, but I think her and I could be great friends.” I smiled. Then Tiffany walked over, and sat in between me and Darion.

“Our turn is going to be next ok. So what were you two talking about?” she asked. I shifted my eyes, and saw her squeezing Darion’s leg. He didn’t even stop her; I guess they are just that close to each other.

“Maelle Thomas, Darion Knight, and Tiffany Truce you guys can come in now.” The girl called us in, for our appointment. Tiffany bounced out of the chair, and scurried into the room. Darion and I followed her inside.


“So honey what would you like to do with your hair?” the hairstylist asked me. I sat there thinking and then Tiffany said,

“Dye her hair to a nice honey brown hair, and then make it choppy give it layers. Also give her some nice bangs.” Tiffany smiled at me, and showed me her gleaming white teeth.

“Well I was thinking of a nice shade of brown, or orange. Also I was thinking cutting it short, but I would still like to be able to but extensions in if I need to. Also if bangs are doable I would like those too.” I smiled back at Tiffany.

“Now that is what I am talking about honey,” the hairdresser took her scissors and started to chop my hair off. I could see my hair falling on to the ground. My head started to feel lighter and lighter. After the lady blew dried my hair, she applied the dye into my hair. She told me to stay put for a while, until she came back from her smoke break. I swung my chair around and looked at Darion, he was also staying put in his chair.

“That silver does look good on you Darion.” I joked.

“Ha ha yea, I like that silver in your hair too!” he gave me a small smile. “So what colour did you dye your hair?”

“I don’t know, I guess we just both have to find out!” I laughed. Tiffany started to play with her new hair. It didn’t look different, except she just changed her highlights, and low lights a bit.

“You guys I love my new hair!” she squealed. Darion started laughing. “Why are you laughing tin man?”

“Your hair doesn’t even look new Barbie doll.” Tiffany then punched him in the arm, and stuck her tongue out at him.

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My hairstylist finally came back, and she finished the rest of my hair. When I opened my eyes, for the grand revealing of my hair, I was stunned. It looked so perfect. I ran my fingers through my hair, it was knotty anymore, it was nice and soft just the way I like it. I looked at Darion, and he looked just like the day of prom. His jaw was dropped low, and he looked speechless.

“Maelle you look sexy!” Tiffany squealed.

“Thanks Tiffany, what do you think Darion?” I fluffed my hair a bit.

“You look really pretty, like always.” He gave me a crooked smile, “So what do you think of my hair?”

“I like it Darion.” I smiled back at him.

“If you like it Maelle then I LOVE it!” We got out of our chairs, and Darion headed towards the cash register.

“Its ok girls I will pay.” He winked at us. Tiffany and I headed back to the car. She was leaning against the car and texting someone.

“This is like so annoying, my ex-boyfriend keeps texting me back!” she groaned.

“Then just shut off your phone.” I suggested. She looked at me and then rolled her eyes.

“Maelle you don’t understand, I like it when he texts me back. I think he wants us to get back together.” She smiled.

“Well, I thought he broke your heart.”

“Yea but he is really sweet.” She defended her ex-boyfriend. I do not get that, he dumped her and she still loved him. I guess it’s because I don’t understand. I never had a boyfriend until now...

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Darion came back, and he drove us to a nice clothing store. It was called, “Tikilagwayo” it had a lot of expensive stuff, stuff that even I couldn’t afford.

“Wow this stuff is sure expensive; can’t we just go to the mall?” I crossed my arms, and sat down. I felt like I didn’t belong in this place. This place was for the rich and I assure you I am not rich.

“Just chill Maelle, you don’t have to buy anything! Also who goes to that old mall, this stuff has the latest fashion!” Tiffany said as she scrolled through the clothing rack.

“It’s ok Maelle I’ll pay for your stuff.” Darion sat down beside me.

“Darion I don’t want you to pay for things I want to buy.” I looked into his eyes, they sparkled. They sparkled just like the day we met, in kindergarten. We were sharing animal crackers. I remember being pushed into the sand, and then Darion stood up for me. I was crying, and he helped me up and gave me crackers. We shared crackers for the rest of elementary school. It was just like our thing.

“Maelle just consider me as your family.” He put his arm around my shoulders, and gave me a quick squeeze.

“Darion you already know that you are already a part of my family, heck you make my family!” I smiled at him, and gave him a little peck on his cheek. Then I got up and walked over to the clothing rack.


I found many outfits which were amazing! And Darion being such a sweet heart added it to the shopping list. At the end of the day, I had a bunch of new outfits. Later we got tired of shopping, so Darion suggested we should head back to my house. I ran upstairs, and put my shopping bags in the corner of my room, and Tiffany followed me upstairs.

“Wow your room is sure unique looking!” she looked around my room. “It looks like you could use some more space in here. Have you ever thought of redecorating?” she sat down on the purple chair. Soon Darion came upstairs too.

“Hello ladies!”Darion came over and lay down on my bed. “So what were you guys doing?”

“We were just about to have a stripping contest.” Tiffany giggled. I looked at her, and furrowed my eyebrows. What the hell! A stripping contest really?

“Well I bet Nate would have loved to see that Maelle.” Darion joked.

“I know he would.” I started to put my clothes into the drawer and then Tiffany stopped me.

“Maelle you should put one of your new outfits on!” she rushed over and started to go through the bags. She pulled out an outfit, and told me to put it on. I grabbed it from her, and went behind the changing screen. I put it on, and then showed it off. “Now that is what I am talking about, that is SEXY MEOW!” Tiffany came over and slapped my butt. I blushed, and then Darion giggled.


After Tiffany sort of came back down from being so hyper, we started talking. Tiffany and Darion were talking about Tiffany’s ex-boyfriend.

“Yea he kicked me out of his house, and now I have no where to stay,” she frowned, “I stayed at Darion’s house this weekend. I would stay at my mom’s but she lives two cities over.” She started to play with her fingers. Darion was texting someone and I didn’t bother asking who he was texting. The next thing I knew it I made a tiny mistake.

“Well Tiffany if you have no where to stay you can always stay at my place. I don’t have any roommates, and my mom has already moved out.”

“Really Maelle you would let me stay here? This is so awesome; I never had a sister before so this is going to be so much fun!”

“I guess I will grab your bags from my place, and then drop them off here?” Darion grabbed they keys from his pocket, and then went through my bedroom door.

“So what room will I stay in?” she looked around, my room trying to find some space to sleep.

“Well there is my mom’s room; it is a guest room now I guess.” I opened the door, and showed her the room. The bed was all messed up from yesterday night, and there were my clothes on the ground.

“Looks like you had fun last night,” she winked at me, “well I guess I could sleep in here for today.”

“Well Tiffany I don’t mind if you want to live here permanently.” I took out the stuff out of the dresser, and started to strip off the sheets.

“Do you really mean it?” she started jumping up and down.

“Yea I don’t mind at all, I am home like every day and it would nice to have some company around here.” I smiled at her.

“Maelle you are like the BEST!” She came and hugged me very tightly.

Pg. 13

**Darion’s P.O.V. ***

I put my keys into the car, and started the engine. The engine roared very loudly. I put my car into drive mode, and started to drive on the road. I turned up the volume in my car to hear one of my songs. I am glad how today went; Maelle and Tiffany seem to be bonding with one another. Tiffany is the energetic type, so this was going to be fun. I wonder what Nate is going to say when he sees Tiffany at his girlfriend’s house. Maelle looked beautiful today, I love it how she was so shy when she went shopping with us. All I wanted to do was hold her in my arms, and tell her that there was no need to be shy. Then later all we could do was go to the beach and kiss, when the sunset.


***Maelle’s P.O.V. ***

Darion soon came back with Tiffany’s bags. She quickly unpacked, everything into the room. When she finished she came back downstairs, and whined,

“I am so hungry!” she rubbed her stomach.

“Why don’t we order pizza?” Darion suggested. He picked up his phone and dialled the number. He ordered one cheese pizza with extra cheese and spicy pizza sauce. “Does anyone want beer?” I shook my head no. Tiffany said no too, and then Darion didn’t order the beer. Thankfully, I didn’t want to drink or something might happen. “The pizza will be here in like thirty minutes.” He shut off his phone, and put it back into his pocket.

“Hey Darion I was wondering, if you and I could go to Simply Styling tomorrow to pick up some furniture for my new room! Also I was wondering if you could ask Nina to come and redecorate my room too!” she skipped to the couch and plopped down.

“Actually Tiffany I was thinking that you and I could share a room.” I told her. I hope she would like the idea. I really didn’t want her to have my mom’s room because, that is my mom’s room. I didn’t mind extending the walls in my room either.

“Are you serious Maelle, this is going to be even better! You and I sharing a room! Wow this day gets better and better. But Maelle you have to understand that I want to redecorate the room.”

“Yea I guess we could redecorate, but don’t call Nina over us three could just redecorate the room ourselves.”

“Sounds like a plan to me.” Darion said. Then the doorbell rang, and I paid for the pizza. We gobbled it all up. Then the phone rang. I picked it up.


“Hey Maelle what are you doing?” Nate asked.....

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