Wednesday, September 1, 2010

School: Day 1 & Day 2

Guess what? I did not die the first day or the second day, so lets just say I survived for now. I did not totally get humiliated yet, but I am already half way there *thumbs up*

So, anyways the first day was alright, I had nice hair I wore the most amazing outfit which was in my closet. So the way I looked way really good. Then I got on the bus, and well you know sat down, and then I realized I am getting knots in my stomach. Got to school, found out where homeroom was sat down. Got completely ignored by a bunch of people, at the end of homeroom talked to this girl :) Next we had an assembly, NOT FUN! Especially when they expect you to carry 2 binders and a backpack filled with books into the room!Lets just say it was really uncomfortable, and I sat down by a bunch of losers.
Ok! Well then I went to my locker, put all my shit away and headed for first class! I got into the room noticed that I really only knew one person in the whole room, that I actually talked to. I also noticed there were a bunch of grade elevens in the room too. But honestly that class is technically my favourite class because it contains one damn fine hottie in there.
Well the rest of the day was like a drag...until it was after lunch and I got completely confused. You see my friend "Tina" and I thought that we had English next. So we went around the school looking for English class, and well our English teacher told us, that we had English that meant we were fucking twenty minutes late to our next class....great.... So I walked into math LATE, and well I of course hate it when people give you that weird "what the hell are you doing late" stare. And well, since I am practically blind I couldn't seem to find my seat and this boy named "ShitfaceMcFatty" started laughing...well i gave him the finger. Good thing the teacher wasnt looking my way.

So yeah that was pretty much it of my first day...yeah I had English after but that was a complete snooze fest! i was late for English and now I have to sit at the front. FanFuckingtastic!

Well I hope all of my other readers that are in school had a good first day! Unlike me.. I shall blog soon seeya

~Kami <3


  1. Glad you survived Kam! That actually brought back a ton of memories of when I was in school 200 years ago...xD

    Take care, and I hope you have an awesome year this year and get a chance to make some good new friends!

    *hugs & noogies*

  2. Thanks Cele, lol are these good memories I hope they are. And I am sure you are not like over the age of 200 your personality, reminds me of a very young woman, and I am sure you are :)

    I do too hope I have an awesome year, school is one of those things just make me mad. Thanks I do hope I make some new friends. Who knows maybe that hottie and I might become friends ;]

    *hugs & more hugs*

  3. sounds fun :O

    I start school on...... tuesday I think... still have to finish the summer assignment :O But I am not looking forward to it :/

    I miss chu!

  4. The late story reminds me of something that happened to me the second day of school last year.
    Our grade had an assembly, and then at the end, the principal was like "Since there are only a few minutes left, go to your next class," which for me meant Spanish. I went while the teacher was still teaching her previous class, and she gave me a "Why are you here so early" look.

    But yeah, good luck, and I hope things get better once the "awkward September beginning of school" stage ends. :)

  5. Rayy:: Only Computer class is fun lol Awwwh yeah 11th grade hottie is in mah class. So damn cute ^.^
    I find it really sucky that you have to do lame summer assignments. But like they really packed the work up on me. I had HW today for like 3 subjects, and like 2 presentations tomorrow like WTF?

    Good luck in school darling! Miss Chu too :D

    Shiny Shinx::
    Well first of all I want to say is thanks for following my blog! :)
    Lol it totally kind of reminds me of what happened to me, but yours doesnt seem as bad, but it still seems as bad. I hate it when teachers give you looks like that.

    Thanks Shinx! I hope they get way better and relaxed everything gets so piled up, and I hope there is no more effing group work that pisses me off the maximum because i am the one who usually gets stuck doing everything.

    -Kami <3

  6. You're welcome! :)
    Yeah, group work sucks. The work is never split equally, but the blame is always shared. :\
    It seems like there's less in high school, though.

  7. I'm glad you survived Kam! School starts for me on 13th (yes 13th O.O) of September! I'll blog my first day school adventureds too! They're fun lol

  8. Shinxy (lol my new nickname for youz since your special :P):: I know right, I really hate it when your the type of person who cares about it, so then you do it. I hate it when the blame is equally shared, I am the one who usually just gets up and tells the teacher, since they probably will trust me more than others.

    George:: Lucky the 13th :P I rather start then. because i think that my brain is not functioning right at the moment lol. I cannot wait to read your adventures. Good luck bud :)

  9. Yeah, I usually tell the teachers, too. I hate it when the 'partners' on the project don't do anything, yet they have then nerve to criticize me for things like the poster's color.

  10. Hi Kami, glad to know you survived your first days of school! School started on Thurs for me, and fortunately, because I'm a bit of nerd, I'm in top sets, my classmates don't consist of "ShitfaceMcFatty"s. But I haven't embarrassed myself majorly this year, and I've only tripped over once, so I'm good so far :P


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