StarStruck Ch.8

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*Note: This chapter contains minor swearing.


I looked at Nate for a long time. I stared into his eyes; he kept looking down on the floor. My eyes started to fill with tears. Tiffany was wrong I don’t have a boyfriend who cares about me. I don’t have a best friend who wants to make me happy. I have no boyfriend, I never did. I have no best friend I never did!

“Bye Nate.” I picked myself up, and slammed the door behind me. The first thing that I am going to do is change my clothes. I don’t want to wear someone else’s clothing, especially Nate’s sisters clothing. I walked outside, there was a slight breeze. I wrapped my dress around me, and walked silently home.


When I came home, I looked at the welcoming mat inside. Luckily Darion was not here, or else there would’ve been drama. I closed the door behind me, and walked upstairs to my room. I slowly opened the door; I was expecting Tiffany to be sleeping in her own sweat. When I walked inside nobody was there, the bed was made and everything. Then I heard the water run, it was coming from the bathroom. She probably needed a shower; I could still smell the sweat in the air. That is not all I smelt, I could also smell Darion’s cologne “Smizz.” My face started to turn red just by thinking of that name. I knew a tiny little part of me was feeling something else. Something that I have never felt before, it was different. I changed my clothes, and then trashed the ones I was wearing. I walked downstairs, and sat on the couch. I turned on the TV, I flipped to the news channel, and guess what I saw. There was Darion Knight he was surrounded by reporters, and screaming girls.

“Mr. Knight where did you go in the middle of the party?” the reporter asked him. The reporter was right in Darion’s face sticking the microphone at him.

“That is none of your concern.”He replied. He tried pushing through the crowd but he was stuck. He was forced to answer every question the reporters shot at him. “Get out of my way!” Darion punched the camera screen, and ran away from the crowd. I shut the TV off, I couldn’t watch any of this, or listen to this!


***Darion’s P.O.V ***

Stupid mistakes! My life is crumbling right in front of my eyes. It wasn’t my fault, she was all over me! I wish I could just run up to Maelle and tell her, that I went to drop her off at home, and then that happened. But that would be lying; I was drunk that was it. A couple of drinks, and then the next thing you know it you are doing it with Tiffany. If only I could be given a second chance. I will change; I will do anything to re-do this. I need to be trusted by Maelle again. I didn’t expect her to rush out of the room like that yesterday. I didn’t stop her, why didn’t I stop her from leaving the room. Am I now in love with Tiffany? No impossible, my heart still belongs to Maelle, and it always will be. Ever since the day I shared animal crackers with her I was in love with her. She always made my heart skip a beat when I see her. Her aurora shines brighter than every star. Shit! The paparazzi are on my tail. I have to hide!


***Maelle’s P.O.V ***

I could hear the clacking of heels upstairs, and that means Tiffany was making her way down. Now this is going to be fun. Tiffany came down the stairs, and then stopped in her tracks when she saw me. She tried not to make eye contact with me, but I knew she had something to say.

“Oh Maelle you’re home.” She said. That is all she could say, I guess she felt guilty of what happened last night. She should feel guilty too, for embarrassing me right in front of Darion. She should feel damn right guilty.

“Yes I came home twenty minutes ago, when you were taking a shower,” I got off from the couch, and walked into the kitchen. I went to the fridge, and grabbed a mango juice carton. I poured myself some juice.

“Ummm...Maelle I would like to apologize for my behaviour last night. I knew it was extremely rude of me to say all of those things to you, and I know I deserved to be kicked out.” I could see tears falling down her cheek.

“Tiffany yes you were extremely rude, and I thank you for apologizing. I am not going to kick you out though. I am better than that. This is your first strike, and the next one you are out.” I coldly walked away from her, and let her cry. She deserved to cry, and feel bad.


Tiffany kept crying, so I went outside for some quite. I decided to Tan today in my bathing suit that I bought the day we went shopping. It is not quite my style, but it is still hotter than ever. I was lying on the chair, soaking in the warmth that the sun had to provide. Then suddenly the sun was no more. I opened my eyes, and all you see is camera’s flashing, and reporters sticking their microphones in my face. Now I knew how Darion felt. I felt as if I couldn’t breathe anymore, in the tight space given to me.

“Maelle Thomas is it true that Darion Knight broke your heart?” the tall reporter, with the red moustache asked me. All I could say to that question was,

“Uh.....I am not sure?” I tried to block out the camera’s flashing at me. I couldn’t I wonder this is how all celebrities feel.

“Maelle could you tell us what happened last night, when Darion left the party?” the woman with a bob sort of haircut asked me.

“I don’t know what to say, could you all please leave me alone!” Everybody kept writing down stuff. Every move, every word that I said was recorded. This was ridiculous! Then out came Tiffany in her bathing suit. She was holding lemonade and a magazine.

“Hey Maelle do you mind if.......Uh-oh!” she dropped her magazine, and her glass. She was trying to get back in before the paparazzi come after her. It was too late; they already made their way towards her. She was stuck by the door, and I was stuck in my chair. I had to get out of their way, and there was only one way to do this. I stood up on my chair,

“GET OUT OF MY WAY!” I screamed then I jumped over, the crowd of people and ran into the shed. My heart was pounding inside my chest, I could feel it rise. Then Tiffany came screaming inside.

“Do you mind if I stay here Maelle?” she said while she was trying to catch her breath.

“I don’t care, as long as we get out of here sooner or later.” I slid down against the wall, I was holding my chest.

“Maelle, I need to tell you something.”


I got up and stood in front of her. We were face to face; we could see each other eye to eye.

“What more do you have to say to me?” I crossed my arms.

“Maelle what happened yesterday night wasn’t Darion’s fault it was mine. I did drink a couple of glasses of wine, and champagne. I also gave Darion glasses of wine and champagne. Maelle I love Darion, and I know from yesterday night for a fact that he doesn’t love me. After you ran out of the room he watched you leave in the cab with Nate. Then he grabbed his stuff, and went somewhere.” She started to fiddle around with her fingers. She looked at the ground trying not to make eye contact with me. The only thing I could do was give her a hug and tell her everything is going to be alright. I pulled Tiffany into a hug,

“Tiffany it’s ok, I appreciate you telling me this. To make you feel any better Nate broke up with me this morning. He said that I don’t love him, I am not sure if he is right or wrong.” Tiffany looked up at me, and then showed a weak smile.

“What a jerk,” that was all she could say. I wiped the tears out of her eyes, and then hugged her once more. I was glad that for once she and I could get along. Maybe the incident just brought all of us closer, or even separated us further apart.


Hours passed by, and I guess the press started to leave. As soon as all of them cleared out Tiffany and I ran inside, and locked all of the doors. We didn’t know what to do. Now that we were on the same level, we decided to bake cookies, and watch a movie. We sat on the couch, and watched “Forever in Love.” Tiffany was the one who picked the movie out. I wasn’t really in the mood to watch it, but Tiffany said it was a romantic comedy. After sitting there for hours, I didn’t find anything funny. The girl Adrienne kept asking people to the dance, but all the guys would say no to her. Her best friend Eric on the other hand wanted to ask her to the dance, but he was a coward. It was retarded Adrienne and Eric were meant to be together and to be forever in love. I cannot believe Adrienne cannot see that Eric loves her like crazy!

“Hey Tiffany could we please put another movie on?” I whined.

“No, it’s going to be almost over.” Tiffany kept stuffing her face, with chocolate chip cookies. Well this movie was making me sick, and there was no way I could go outside, it would attract a crowd! That is one thing that pisses me off; if you know some famous guy then all they do is make you famous too! I kept watching the movie, and then in the end the two kissed, and they were forever in love. “Well that was a brilliant movie.” Tiffany wiped the tears out of her eyes, and then blew her nose.

“Sure was Tiff, well what do you want to do now?” I asked. I was really bored, there was no way we could have any fun today.

“Well, I think I am going to go and clean the bathroom upstairs, and you can clean downstairs?” What was this woman thinking! She hates to clean, and lift fingers. She was a celebrity after all! She quickly ran upstairs, and I just sat down.


***Darion’s P.O.V ***

Where should I go? I lost the press, now where? I guess there was only one thing I could do, and go. I had to go see Maelle. I just had to before our relationship was ruined. I started the car once more, and sped on the highway to her house. I was quite nervous. What would I say to her? How will she react when she sees me? Did she watch the news this morning? Oh dear god, what the fuck have I done? I finally arrived at her house. I ran to the door, and rang the door bell. Hopefully Tiffany was going to answer the door, it would be way less painful if she did. The door flew open, and there stood Maelle. My heart kept pounding, and I turned ghost white again. She looked at me blankly with no expression on her face. I couldn’t tell if she was angry or sad or surprised.

“Can I come in?” I asked her. I could see tears starting to build up in her eyes. I just wanted to hold her this minute. I didn’t want to see her cry, I hate seeing my angel cry. I loved her, and I am not sure how she felt about me.

“Yea you can come in,” she gestured me inside. I slipped off my shoes, and sat on her couch. The room fell silent. Where was Tiffany, I am not sure if it would make things better if she was here, but I think she could soothe the tension in the room. “So what are you doing here?” she asked. She was playing with a strand of hair.

“I came to apologize to you.” I got off from the couch, “I want to apologize for the way I acted, and I want to apologize for doing this to you.”

“Well I don’t want to hear your apology,” she said coldly.

“Maelle, I am sorry. What more could I say to you but....” I started to panic. I was just about to say I loved her. I did love her more than ever, but at this moment I knew it couldn’t work. “Maelle last night I knew I did something wrong, I admit it. I was drunk, and I guess I couldn’t keep myself together when that happened last night. But after you left, I left and I went home. Maelle I cried for hours, and all I did was think about you. I thought about all of the good times we had. I thought about how much I....” I couldn’t say it, especially like this. Then there was buzzing in my pocket, and I pulled out my phone. I had a text message from Tiffany. I opened it up and it said,

“Darion just tell her already! Tell her that you love her! Sing her that song you sang to her a long time ago when you two were in high school! You said it was a song written just for her! So sing it!” I guess she was upstairs listening to our conversation. That Tiffany you know!


I closed my phone, and grabbed the guitar by the computer. I didn’t know what the hell was going to happen next, but I hoped this would work. I looked at her, and she just rolled her eyes at me. She then looked up, and waited for me to play some lame song. Well this song was written just for her, and I hope she likes it. I started to strum the cords, and god knows that I could never forget this song.

Whoa yea.... You are my dreams, when you come clean.
Your smile lights up the corners—of my dark room.
You are everything to me; you are the one that makes me laugh.
I just wanted to let you know.... I love you.
You’re the only one, who makes me feel this way.
You deserve to know, that you have a permanent space in my heart.
If you didn’t live, then what could I do?
I would die, just to find you.
Heaven and earth could only just bring us together.
Maelle, I love you.
I love you.
I love you.

I looked at her, and her expression changed. She had tears in her eyes; they were streaming down her cheek. I knew this was only going to be my one and last chance. I walked up to her, and then sat by her on my knees. I held her hand,

“Maelle, when I said I loved you I mean that I love you. I don’t love you as my sister or like a friend. I love you as a girlfriend. I loved you ever since I met you. Ever since you smiled at me, and then when I kissed you at prom it was the best moment of my life. It was better than me winning a Grammy. Maelle I am not sure if you feel the same way about me and if you don’t it’s ok. My heart will forever and always follow you, and I will never love anyone else.” My heart kept pounding, I let go of her hand and stood up. She didn’t look at me; she just starred at the ground. Maelle say something!

***Maelle’s P.O.V***

From the minute I open the door to the minute he told me he loved me, I was in shock. I am now completely speechless. What do I say? What do I do? That song that he sang to me in grade eleven was about me? All of these years I thought it was about some other girl. I was about me? Do I feel the same way about him? Right now I am all mixed up. The only thing I could do at this minute was cry. I let the hot tears fall down my cheek.

“Darion, you are such a sweet guy but I am mixed up right now. I need time to think,” and that was said, I ran upstairs crying. I saw Tiffany she was sitting by the stairs. When she saw my face, she ran behind me. I then heard the front door slam shut. I looked outside, and saw Darion get into his car and drive away. Tiffany came up behind me, and spun me around.

“Maelle sweetie what’s wrong? What happened?” she wiped the tears out of my eyes.

“Tiffany Darion said he loved me,” I hugged her, she stroked my hair.

“Maelle isn’t that a good thing?” she pulled me back. She smiled at me, “so how do you feel about him?”

“Tiffany I think.....I love him.” My heart started to race, and that meant I did love him! I loved him like no girl ever loved a guy. When I was with Nate, my heart never felt this way. I only felt like this when I was with Darion, and that is who I wanted to be with now. “Tiffany we have to go find him, I need to find him!” Tiffany grabbed the keys to the truck, and then we headed out the door. “Darion I am coming for you love,” I whispered to myself. Only Darion could hear that.

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