Monday, January 31, 2011

Simply Sassy Assignment 1

Assignment 1
Modeling Portfolio
Modeling is the best because you have to look hot, which comes easy to me, you know. I'm blessed with that.” – Ashton Kutcher

Yes I agree this isn’t the greatest idea ever, but it gives me a chance to see what you got. It is important for a model to have a modeling portfolio so the agencies or people hiring them can get a feel of what they are like. In your portfolio you need 4 pictures. 2 headshots and 2 body shots. They must be in take in game! But...I will allow you to edit them a certain way. You may add make-up, fix lighting and even change the color variation of the picture, but that’s all.
We want to see modelesque type of pictures.

Keep in mind the tips I have given you! The tips will help you very much with the assignment.

If you would like you could collage the pictures, or post them individually.

This is also a non-elimination round so don’t fret!

Example Pics:

I am looking forward to what the models have to show me ;)

Oh and Here is the judges panel which I just love xD
Don't you just love Momo's picture xD\

Friday, January 28, 2011

Wrinkles! + Medical Research Flawed + Super Immunity

Ok so I am sure most of you guys are afraid of wrinkles, or if you have any then you want to get rid of them correct? Well I was reading an article and the article shows how to get rid of wrinkles naturally.

Wrinkle Treatment click here!

Another discovery I made was that up to 90% of the medical research is flawed. They are often misleading, exaggerated or just wrong!
Sometimes I wonder why people even bother trying then? They just seem to make problems worse! I mean say that they are researching about curing cancer, and that whatever they found out about it to cure it was just wrong! Then all those people who paid thousands of dollars have just wasted their money. Or they Cancer even got worse, or something like that.
I just wish that people would actually try, because every person deserves to know the facts and truth. And every person deserves treatment for whatever they are diagnosed with.

Medical Research Proven to be mostly Flawed

Apparently if you had Swine Flu you now have Super Immunity!
So I find this really weird, but in the U.K Studies have shown that if you had the Swine Flu you are now most likely not going to get sick. You are able to fend from other flu viruses.
I think that they are trying to make it into an "universal" vaccine, but I'm not sure if I read that part right.
Let's see if something good came out of that influenza

You are now Immune to everything!

Well I thought I should update something about Health and these 3 articles stuck out too me the most :)


Saturday, January 22, 2011

Coming To You Soon...

Hi everyone!
Lately I have been thinking about dusting off Simply Sassy, and starting it up again! I was going to do this before New Years but...well exams were coming ahead so I thought to wait. Now exams are almost done, and I once again have more free time :D

Simply Sassy Cycle 5 is going to be a in-game and edited modeling comp like it always was! I will have more information on it, as soon as it's on the forums :) So I really hope you will consider in joining. Judging with me is going to me Miracle, Sun and Possibly PK ( I still has to ask her).

Hope you consider joining, hopefully sign-ups will be up sometime next week :)


Friday, January 21, 2011


Just thought I might share some pictures :D I hope you enjoyed them, and my blog might get a new layout and such :D

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Team Canada. I still love you....

Even though we lost tonight I just want to say congrads to you all for working your asses off and making it that far. Even though you got silver I still think it's a gold <3
I hope you don't feel to discouraged, or disappointed. Please don't run home and  just waste your night thinking about what you could have done, forget it. You all deserve to celebrate and make this night special, because you worked so hard, you tried the best to your ability.

You fought
You tried
You did everything you could.
You scored.
You smiled.
You made us all proud.
Even if you didn't win.
Y'all are still my heros.
 So next year....let's show those bitches what Team Canada is all about!
Because baby next year we will be shouting.
"What now bitches!"

A special shout out to my favorite hockey player. Erik Gudbranson, you're an amazing person. And even if you all lost you're still my hero. Win or lose, you still made this Canadian proud <3

Ellis if I ever fucking catch you take a medal and skate off like that again, Imma fucking slap you so hard you're gonna be sorry! On another note:: Well played Ellis ;D


Updating on life and such...

Hi everyone *waves*
This is just an update about me and how I have been for the past while ;D If you care....

Anyways. I'm good, I had a nice New Years though I didn't get the chance to bake my new years cupcakes :( Oh well I played Monopoly majority of the night anyways. I hope all of you had a very nice New Years, and I hope no one was excessively drunk, like someone I know O-o.
As for Christmas this year I got lotion and some money ;D I didn't get the PJ bottoms I was hoping for, too bad though I needed new ones :S has just started on Monday and boy was I confused. Being off for two weeks and then coming back into school its kinda rough on your brain, though I managed to catch up! Uhh I just had 3 quizzes today and outta the 3 I bombed one for sure :( I bombed the one I thought I was going to do spectacular on :S
Oh yeah I have an exam tomorrow *eyeroll* so wish me luck on that! It's going to be really hard especially since I don't get my glasses until after the exam.

Hmm tonight is the Gold Medal Game in hockey! So I'm looking forward to that~ Canada plays Russia! And we all know that Canada is going to kick ass like they always do :)

As for the whole simming scene I handed in assignment 2 for Before the I do's! I would post the pictures and the reading now, but I'm not on my laptop so... :S

I hope everyone had a great day!
Thanks for reading,

Kami's Peeps