Monday, October 18, 2010

Cheater Cheater/ I need to Update!

Firstly I would like to apologize for not posting anything, but I have been busy for the past month. You know how it is, school , the magazine writing stories. Life gets pretty hectic. So I apologize.

This particular post is about cheating. I mean I sure think we all have cheated one point in our life right? Well, in math class I sit by this boy who talks about personal stuff...I'm not talking heart breaking stories, but erm.....inches xD (I really hope you get what I mean) Well anyways, every test and shit we have he always seems to lean back and look at my answers. I find it tres annoying!
And then today, he was like studying is for losers blah blah blah! Well what i say is that if studying is for losers, then he should try it because he sure is a loser. I mean he makes fun of people, he doesn't have a right to do that! Anyways I suggest he should keep his own eyes on his own paper, and the teacher should really re-arrange the seating plan again, I really don't want to hear about his inches.

Anyways, I also updated to tell you guys to wear purple this wednesday to honor all the gay boys who took their lives because some jackasses told them to go shoot themselves or go hang themselves. I would of stood up for them, I cant believe others did not. So please wear purple!

Also! I lubs Kelle, because she is an amazing person! I lubs you Kelle!!


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