Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Updating on life and such...

Hi everyone *waves*
This is just an update about me and how I have been for the past while ;D If you care....

Anyways. I'm good, I had a nice New Years though I didn't get the chance to bake my new years cupcakes :( Oh well I played Monopoly majority of the night anyways. I hope all of you had a very nice New Years, and I hope no one was excessively drunk, like someone I know O-o.
As for Christmas this year I got lotion and some money ;D I didn't get the PJ bottoms I was hoping for, too bad though I needed new ones :S has just started on Monday and boy was I confused. Being off for two weeks and then coming back into school its kinda rough on your brain, though I managed to catch up! Uhh I just had 3 quizzes today and outta the 3 I bombed one for sure :( I bombed the one I thought I was going to do spectacular on :S
Oh yeah I have an exam tomorrow *eyeroll* so wish me luck on that! It's going to be really hard especially since I don't get my glasses until after the exam.

Hmm tonight is the Gold Medal Game in hockey! So I'm looking forward to that~ Canada plays Russia! And we all know that Canada is going to kick ass like they always do :)

As for the whole simming scene I handed in assignment 2 for Before the I do's! I would post the pictures and the reading now, but I'm not on my laptop so... :S

I hope everyone had a great day!
Thanks for reading,


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