Friday, January 28, 2011

Wrinkles! + Medical Research Flawed + Super Immunity

Ok so I am sure most of you guys are afraid of wrinkles, or if you have any then you want to get rid of them correct? Well I was reading an article and the article shows how to get rid of wrinkles naturally.

Wrinkle Treatment click here!

Another discovery I made was that up to 90% of the medical research is flawed. They are often misleading, exaggerated or just wrong!
Sometimes I wonder why people even bother trying then? They just seem to make problems worse! I mean say that they are researching about curing cancer, and that whatever they found out about it to cure it was just wrong! Then all those people who paid thousands of dollars have just wasted their money. Or they Cancer even got worse, or something like that.
I just wish that people would actually try, because every person deserves to know the facts and truth. And every person deserves treatment for whatever they are diagnosed with.

Medical Research Proven to be mostly Flawed

Apparently if you had Swine Flu you now have Super Immunity!
So I find this really weird, but in the U.K Studies have shown that if you had the Swine Flu you are now most likely not going to get sick. You are able to fend from other flu viruses.
I think that they are trying to make it into an "universal" vaccine, but I'm not sure if I read that part right.
Let's see if something good came out of that influenza

You are now Immune to everything!

Well I thought I should update something about Health and these 3 articles stuck out too me the most :)



  1. There's tonnes of wrinkle treatments out there....and my Nanna tried all of them...none of them work...unless you want to dedicate 40 mins a day to your skin for the rest of your life lol ( and start at like the age of 14), and who the hell has time for that. Plus you have to avoid all the mountains of things that cause wrinkles...sun being a huge one.

    Might as well just embrace the wrinkle.

  2. I bet there are tons of them out there PK, but I guess the ones who would like to dedicate 40 mins a day to their skin could try it :S. True true I agree with you! I just thought the article was interesting and who would like to try can :D


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