Saturday, January 22, 2011

Coming To You Soon...

Hi everyone!
Lately I have been thinking about dusting off Simply Sassy, and starting it up again! I was going to do this before New Years but...well exams were coming ahead so I thought to wait. Now exams are almost done, and I once again have more free time :D

Simply Sassy Cycle 5 is going to be a in-game and edited modeling comp like it always was! I will have more information on it, as soon as it's on the forums :) So I really hope you will consider in joining. Judging with me is going to me Miracle, Sun and Possibly PK ( I still has to ask her).

Hope you consider joining, hopefully sign-ups will be up sometime next week :)


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  1. SO excited Sumomo :D. I have a feeling this'll be a fun run! ^^


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