Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Team Canada. I still love you....

Even though we lost tonight I just want to say congrads to you all for working your asses off and making it that far. Even though you got silver I still think it's a gold <3
I hope you don't feel to discouraged, or disappointed. Please don't run home and  just waste your night thinking about what you could have done, forget it. You all deserve to celebrate and make this night special, because you worked so hard, you tried the best to your ability.

You fought
You tried
You did everything you could.
You scored.
You smiled.
You made us all proud.
Even if you didn't win.
Y'all are still my heros.
 So next year....let's show those bitches what Team Canada is all about!
Because baby next year we will be shouting.
"What now bitches!"

A special shout out to my favorite hockey player. Erik Gudbranson, you're an amazing person. And even if you all lost you're still my hero. Win or lose, you still made this Canadian proud <3

Ellis if I ever fucking catch you take a medal and skate off like that again, Imma fucking slap you so hard you're gonna be sorry! On another note:: Well played Ellis ;D


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