Friday, May 13, 2011

I could never...

So my friend and I had an interesting conversation about teachers we don't like very much and what not. She kept going on and on about how the teacher should just die, and be bombed or some shit like that. I was appalled. Sure I don't like the teacher, but I could never say that about a person. I wouldn't want someone to die, because it's terrible! I don't understand why people are so serious about that. I mean what if someone tells you to go die and they actually meant it! It was depressing and you would be on a suicidal verge and what not.

So another friend of mine and I had a conversation like that, and she said the exact same thing! What is wrong with people? I mean thinking and planning about someone elses death?
See the way I work is, if you give me respect I give you respect. I will not be rude to you unless you were or are rude to me. You need to give respect, to receive it.

--Kami <3~``

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