Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Dear, Fucktard

** This is a total Rant Post so, there will be language involved **

If you haven't already I suggest watching the video below to understand what I am ranting about.
Click there Video

Alright if you watched this then you will understand what I am going to rant about next...

Dear Fucktard,
First of all if you haven't checked already but Canada is a bilingual country, which makes it fucking awesome. Our two languages are French  and English. Stated in the Canadian Charter of rights Which can be found here states that English and French and both equal and they both have equal rights. Obviously this fucktard hasn't read the Charter of rights.
I speak 5 different languages, yes five no joke! I speak English, Punjabi, French, Spanish and Hindi. Want to know the real reason why I like to learn languages is? Because each and every one of them is different, and it makes me different. I can communicate with people with 5 different cultural backgrounds, how cool is that? I say very cool B)
Now during the video he is complaining about how French people can't read English and how well the name of his street changed and how they refuse to learn the English language. Guess what? I bet he can't read French! I think it would be SWEET that my street name changed and it was in French, because then my hooker name would be much cooler than it already is :P As for refusing to learn the English language, sure some people don't want to learn English there is nothing wrong with that. I know people who refuse to learn the French language because they aren't language people, they don't do well with learning other languages and I'm okay with that. Everyone has a choice to learn whatever they want! He also says the primary language is English, like I said before READ THE FUCKING CANADIAN CHARTER OF RIGHTS!

"The English Language the Best Language in the world." -- Fucktard
You know what I say to that? NO BITCH NO! The English language is not the best language in the world because, I personally believe that every language is the best. Every language has the right to be heard! Seriously. Every language is unique and amazing in their own way, and if I had the time and energy to do so, I would want to learn every language out there! Because to me they are all the best no matter what anyone thinks!

As for the French school bit he says. I think having French Schools across the country is amazing! Because people get the chance to learn the other official language of Canada. Also other Francophones who live in other provinces wouldn't feel so alienated, they wouldn't feel like they don't belong. Everyone belongs in Canada because it's so diverse. Canada is not just an English Country. FUCK NO! It's a DIVERSE country with SO many people who come from different cultural backgrounds. If you take a look at a particular city in Canada I bet you, you will find over 50 different cultural backgrounds maybe even more!

In conclusion, after watching this video I was obviously upset and I thought..."Eurocentric much?" People need to realize that French and English are both languages that are widely accepted in Canada. They both have equal rights!
To the people who know French or are French! Keep speaking your language, don't let some fucktard tell what to do! Honestly he's retarded because he probably has been living under a rock since they day he was born and had no clue what so ever that French is just as amazing as English. Don't be afraid to express who you are and what you stand for!

-- End of Rant --

Love Kami
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