Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Things that have been on my mind.... has been such a jolly good time --insert sarcasm-- 
Here is the real deal, I am actually quite annoyed with how everything is playing out with me, and life and etc.

First off I feel like there aren't enough hours in a day from 9 - 3 I am basically in school dying of boredom while learning stuff. When I get home I basically sit there and do homework and by the time I am in the middle of homework, its supper time so I have to start making that. Then I have supper then its back to finishing homework. When that is all done I have 2 hours to spare to myself before bedtime. Then back with the same old same old. Sure I have the weekend but, its usually bombarded with homework and doing chores *eyeroll* So yeah I think we should do something about adding more hours in a day -_-

Secondly I am annoyed with books ! Trust me I love reading, I am a total bookworm. Along with reading I am a writer. Today I was brainstorming some things I could write with but I found that these ideas have kept being recycled. I want to write about something new and fresh but I seriously think I am stuck in this...annoying writers block.
I have also realized that most young adult books out there are about like pregnant teenagers, vampires, angels/fallen angels, abusive boyfriends, and all that stuff ! I want to read something new ! I want write something new !
Oh my story idea that I thought was so brilliant, got trashed today -_-! Oh well I guess that's the norm about being a writer. Some will like it...others not so much.

On a positive note I love Glee, and "Original Song" was an amazing episode. But I think I seriously hate Quinn with a passion, shes such a bitch! I also liked Rachel's song it was very nice, but most of all I loved their anthem it was so inspiring, although it did remind me of a song. I also love Blaine I seriously do ! Blaine + Kurt = FOREVER !

On another positive note I love this remake of Fucking Perfect by Pink. This remake was written by Travis Garland, and it has been very inspiring with my writing <3



  1. Most books on the market these days are about either sex or some sort of fantasy mythological thing. You mentioned some of the most popular above. I base most of my writing off of real life events that have happened to me or that I have fantasized happening. Well, fantasized isn't the right word, because they're often catastrophic... Either way, in my opinion, the most original ideas come from life. During exciting events, or just after an exciting event, I novelize my life in my head. Take something that happened to you in your life and think of all of the bad outcomes that COULD have happened. Hence the could, or you might end up a rather pessimistic person xD
    Anyway, those are just my tips, take or leave :)

  2. I would like to hear the idea you had that was shot down, or maybe not because I'd end up wanting to hit whoever shot it down. You're an incredible writer. Maybe if I ever catch you in chat one day (lmao) I can attempt to help you though I don't think you need it ;)

  3. Hey Kam *hugs* I think you're a crazy talented writer. Writer's block does suck, but look at it like you're only making and taking time to actually create that wonderful idea. Your brain just needs a bit of shut down moment for it though.

  4. Bookygirl - Thanks for the advice, that's what I usually write about is real life, and relationships and stuff. I will keep your words in mind thanks :)

    Amber - I will definitely tell you what the idea was when I remember. You were totally there and I blanked haha xD

    Chi - *hugs* Thanks so much for your compliment means a lot to me. I like the way you think Chi I will definitely keep it mind too :) Who knows maybe something brilliant will come out of this block.


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