Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I am so happy I could fly !

I am so terribly happy and the only real reason that I am happy is because...


My boy Jeff Skinner scored 2 goals tonight <3 And he got a plus four woot woot! I kinda laughed when I saw Eric stall get two straight penalties in a row, although the 2nd one was for good! So yeah I did a victory dance after the game was done because I am just that amazing! 
So now they are down by 3 pts they need to win at least two more games and the sabers need to lose 2 games :P I want my team to make it to the playoffs dammit, because we all know Edmonton is not going to catch up now!
So now I am totally gonna pic spam a bunch of Carolina Hurricanes pictures, mostly of Skinner and Staalzy!~

That's Staalzy celebrating after a job well done :)

I love that picture of him and his brother <3 By the way Eric is the one in the white and Marc is the one in the black. Yes they both play on the nhl, but on separate teams.

That's Ward hes the goalie and I must say he did a fantastic job tonight <3 Keep it up Wardy!

That is mah all-star Jeff Skinner, it's my goal that one day I am going to get his autograph and a picture and I would totally have to post it!

I think he has a thing for sticking his tongue out haha. Isn't he just adorable? KELLE STAY AWAY FROM HIM!

See tongue again ?!

OMG i just loooove this picture hahaha xD

So yeah there are tons of pictures which I love but..thats about it for now haha! SO FUCKING HAPPY! 

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