Thursday, March 10, 2011

I wanna learn how to play a guitar

So what the title says is true ! I want to learn how to play a guitar. Now if you're wondering where my obsession of learning how to play an acoustic guitar started, I must say you have to blame  The Crowley Brothers.

It all started two days ago really when my friend and I were watching this Kingsley video and I was laughing my ass off, and in the middle of the video The Crowley brothers had something to say. After their message was over my friend youtube'd them and well let's just say we fell in love. Their voices are amazing and all three of them are really funny guys they make me laugh...especially Brian and his weird faces.

The Video Below is of all 3 of them singing "Radio" and orgininal song written by the new Jonas Brothers, but the difference between The JB's and the CB's is that the CB's are better looking, funnier, entertaining and actually have talent ;)
Jeffery is the one in the hat, Brian is the one in the middle, and Travis is the one playing the guitar.


So yeah  basically these guys have inspired me to get a guitar and actually learn how to play one :) 
To be honest I have no idea what type of guitar to get, because I am such a n00b when it comes to playing instruments. I probably one get a guitar until like this summer if I save enough monies for one. But one day I promise you I will buy one and learn how to play it :D



  1. I often wish I hard taken guitar lessons instead of clarinet in high school....I just have WAY too many things I want to do and learn to do it now I'm older.

    It's a great instrument to learn though, handy at parties, camping all sorts of places hehe

  2. Hehe I used to play the Clarinet too ! Though I stopped cuz my teacher was a douchebag.

    So I am hoping that I will stick to this guitar...if not I still have a keyboard lying around here somewhere...


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