Monday, August 30, 2010

Tomorrow is the end of me!

Hello mah dearly attentive readers,
Well, I just wanna say that the summer of 2010 went by a little too fast don't you think? Like I mean when school finally finished I was sulking around wondering when the hell the fun was going to start. Then the next thing you know it, you get caught up with family and you become busy, and then its time for them to leave. And then you realize the next day is going to be your first day to school. HOLY FUCK!

Yeah so tomorrow I am going back to something everyone hates! You know I used to be soo excited for school to start now its a pain in my ass. I will probably get used to it in about a week or so, but I just hate going back and thinking that you still have a long time ahead of you. And I hate going back to people you don't wanna be around with. And I hate going back, to the place where life can suck the most sometimes.

Well, when I come back I might as well blog about what happened but we will see. Let's just hope I don't make a complete fool out of my self tomorrow. But, I want to let you know that my back to school outfit is pretty cute :P

~Kami <3


  1. :( I know what feeling you're talking about. I like school, but I hate the transition. It's so painful. Especially the whole "10 months ahead of you" thing.
    Good luck, though. :)

  2. Ugh, school! >:|
    Everyone hates it. At least mine starts in 2 weeks. :D
    Good luck! :p


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