Saturday, August 28, 2010

Important: For your Skin & Health!

Hi guys!
Well, lately I have been thinking about my skin. And I think it was yesterday when my uncle told me about using make-up products and stuff. Honestly I don't wear any make-up besides lip gloss, but now I am evem re-thinking that!

So today, I decided to do some research since I am really bored and whatever. I decide to look at harmful chemicals that we apply on out skin. For example I sometimes like to wear Smackers lipgloss,and there was an article about that I was reading. And it contained this harmful chemical that is used as an anti-freeze liquid, and its also a liquid that is used in cars! And millions of teenage girls use that everday! Just not even teenage girls, little ones too!

Another thing.. I use proactive to treat my skin from acne, because sometimes I get it really bad on my forehead! And so, I was searching that up too, and I read that it had bleach in it! Now bleach is used for a lot of things and its really harmful to your skin! It damages it really badly and I use that on my skin! Nuh-uh not worth it! So I have decided to do things naturally now, and see if it works or not. Lemon juice and Rose water are the way to go! And even honey, but you need a special kind of honey, and did you know strawberry leaves treat acne? And raw vegetables, and tons of water!

All I am trying to say is that if your interested about being healthy and treating your skin with absolute care research about the products you use, because beleive me you will have to think twice about the stuff you eat and put on your skin.

Why don't you guys check out this website, its really helpful!
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Ps. I will tell you about my experiment with the natural ways of treating acne and acne scars, and I will surely update you guys on other things too :D


  1. Uh oh. I use a lot of acne stuff. D: But thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh noes I use Proactive... Thannk you for sharing though I used to wash my face with oatmeal, that was fun. I have tons of acne though so many this will help.


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