Thursday, August 26, 2010

Modeling Comp

Hey guys,
I just want to say that one, I really miss my cousins. They left this morning and I cried a lot for sure. Yeah we had some rough patches this summer, but I can't stay mad at them for too long you know, its just not healthy.

Well anyways, I am really really bored at the moment and I went through tons of modeling competitions where they are looking for applicants. And well none of the competitions caught my eye. Like they seem cool and everything but I really don't know if I wanna join them. So I guess this is the time for you to advertise your comp on my blog and ask me to join, because I seem not to find a good one to join.

Also for the past week I have been thinking of creating a new modeling competition. I have like very creative ideas for it and everything. All I need to do is lay down the basic track. Everything about the comp is creative, and well I hope people will like it. So I guess I am just asking if you would like to join a modeling competition hosted by me?



  1. How much time do they take up? I have school in like 10 days and I don't wanna start but quit because I don't have time. Otherwise, I'm interested. :)

  2. Hey!
    Well, modeling comps take a while to complete unless you drop out or don't make it it the next round. But I would have to say, that it would take about a long time. Because I have two parts to my comp. Part one i give you 5 days to complete and if you don't complete its ok, but you don't get the prize or whatever. And part 2 i also give you 5 days to do and part 2 is always the important one! Some cases you will not have a part one. But if you need like extensions or whatever I am glad to give you one :D

  3. Hi! That sounds good. :) I just hope high school doesn't get too stressful this year, lol.

  4. I know what you mean! Highschool can be very stressful with all the classes, but this year so far it looks like I have an easy schedhule :D So we will see I guess. What grade are you going in? If I may ask, I'm going to grade 10 if you wanted to know

  5. I'm going to grade 10 too! O: And I think this year my schedule looks tough. I have 3 honors classes and one AP(College level D:) class. And I still have to do my summer reading. D:

  6. Oh wow I guess we are in the same age lol :) Yeah we don't have honors classes. which I think is pretty lame because, I would be in all of them lol :P And we don't have any AP classes either. I am basically a free person.

  7. Lucky. :( And yeah, cool. :)
    When do you start school? I go back September 7. Summer went by so fast. D:

  8. I start school on the 31st of August. I am like really nervous, and I totally agree with you. The summer of 2010 went by fast, a little too quickly lol.


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