Thursday, August 26, 2010

A question I just had to ask

Hi folks,
Well as all of you can see, that there is a big black cloud surrounding all of us. Because a storm is in town. So, as most of you know I have been away for practically two whole months. And well I don't know whats going on between Em & Viddy & Chama & Evergreen.
It just seems really bad, and I really don't wanna get my ass into this. So I won't but I was reading the mares today, and well It got me thinking. Everyone has their own side of the story to things. Like every story that I read doesn't match the others.
I have also noticed that all the teens are basically on one side and all the adults are on one side. Its like the teens are fighting with their parents.

Well the only main reason I made this post was I had to ask the mares, if this post had anything to do with me. Because it uses my old nickname, they gave me "kamil"

So if anyone knows please do tell me, and if one of the mare people would answer this question for me, I would just love it, because I don't wanna drag my butt into this drama.



  1. I thought by your "friend" being in your c-box saying what she said. I assumed you were part of this too. I was upset. I am sorry to you Kami, if you werent even around to begin with.

  2. Well, I didn't have anything to do with this, and I forgive you Viddy assumptions can be made by accident. And boy did I miss loads, I rather miss it though, instead of being tied with it.

  3. Well it's nice you dont hate me. :-/ My c-box also saw some action. Very overwhelming and upsetting. Good u missed it.

  4. Well I soon hope this whole thing gets blown over, I really hate it when people start to fight. I already experienced that enough this summer. Glad i missed it too :)


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