Monday, August 23, 2010

Life can be a piece of Shit

So some of you may or may not know, that my life can be a piece of shit sometimes. Well recently my cousin and I have gotten into a major fight, over something I feel is stupid now, and lately she seems to be ignoring me.
You know I hate when people ignore me. It makes me feel hated and unwanted, and those are some of the worst feelings EVER. But like usual I have to be the mature one and always apologize.
So me as being me apologizes to my cousin, and this is my following message.
(The names listed are not the real names of the people used in this message)

Well your probably wondering why I am apologizing to you on facebook, when your here at my house. Well my reasons are one you never seem to be alone, and this thing is kind of between you and me. And secondly you never seem to want me around.

Well anyways here is me saying I'm sorry, for the I reacted towards you. I just felt kinda annoyed of this fighting, and if you really knew me, you would know I hate fighting, and I would do anything to avoid it. I really didn't mean to create such a big gap between us. I would really like us to go back to the way they are.

But, there are some things I just want to let you know. Firstly I am two years older than you, and I always will be. I will always be older than you no matter what. Now when you are around, I treat you with respect, and I listen for what you have to say. And I would like that respect back from you. I really don't understand why you would like to keep fighting with your brother when you could just let it go. Yeah I know I am no Andrea, so you might not have the same respect and attention that you give to her, to the same as me. But, knowing that I am one of your older sisters, I would like that. Even though we are thousands miles apart, doesn't mean you can act differently towards me.

Well, if you want to talk about whatever happened that day, then just message me back or whatever. I don't blame you for ignoring me. I would just love for us two to sit down and talk without anybody else there to watch.

You're leaving in like two days, I don't want you to be mad at me when your gone, why don't we just start over and rip out that old shitty chapter, and start a new fresh clean one?


So I dunno tell me what you think of this message. Tell me what to do, she is leaving in like 2 days, and I don't want us hating each other forever. Because right now I am on the verge to cry, and I have cried many times today. I am really lost and confused. I need help.

My cousins have been leaving me out of conversations, fun, games, walks, and even my own fucking room! They leave in two days, and I dont want this fucking huge gap between us anymore. I want to save this relationship before it crashes and burns in the depths of hell.

But let me tell you one thing, my cousins can be such Egotistical bitches, who seem like they are always on their periods. So yeah it gets ugly. I just would like to fix everything, and I hope they give me a chance to do so.


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