Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Given Life: Prologue

I was straightening my hair when the lights of my bathroom went off. I bet it’s another one of those stupid storms, which came brewing in unexpectedly. I opened the white bathroom drawer to my left, and grabbed my pink flashlight. I tried to switch the light on, but it would not turn on. I blindly searched the drawers to find some batteries, but there were none there. Finally the lights came back on, and you know I wish they hadn’t.
“What the hell is that?” I starred at the mirror in the bathroom and it was covered in weird markings, which were not familiar at all. “Mom! Dad! Come quick!” Mom and dad came rushing into the bathroom.
“Isabel what’s wrong?” mom shook my shoulders. I didn’t seem to bother to look at her. My gaze was still on the mirror. “Isabel speak to me!” I closed my eyes trying to get away from the markings on the mirror, but they seemed to be everywhere.
I concentrated hard and said what only came out of my mouth, “I am going to die in exactly three years in an accident.”
“Bells what are you talking about honey?” Dad put his hands on my shoulders, and held me tight. “Bells what is wrong, open your eyes hon.”
“It’s going to be on a bridge, and thousands of people are going to die,” suddenly it felt like electricity going through me. I tried opening my eyes, but they would not open. Then the last thing I remembered was that I collapsed.
When I finally regained conscience, everything seemed like a blur to me. I didn’t have a clue what happened to me. I looked at my parents, and they were drenched in tears.
“Mom where am I?” I asked, as I got up slowly trying not to make my muscles ache more.
“Sweetie, you’re at Dr.Harris’ office,” she gently helped me get up, and gave me a glass of water. “Honey are you alright?”
“Yeah I am. How long was I out for?” I took the glass of water from my mom, and drank from it slowly. Just before mom, could say anything a tall blonde man walked into the room, which I assumed was Dr.Harris.
“Mr and Mrs. Collins, I have some news for you about your daughter,” he took his glasses off and knelt beside me, looking sympathetically into my eyes. “I’m so sorry but Isabel; you have been given a new life.” Those very words had changed my entire life.
“What this can’t be possible! Check the tests again! I don’t want to be changed, Doctor are you sure you can’t do anything about this? Please tell me you can do something please!” I grabbed the collar of his jacket and started shaking him. He put his hands on mine and shook his head.
“Isabel I cannot do anything about this I am sorry, the van will pick you up tomorrow and you will be on your way to England.”

Chapter one coming soon
Kami. :)


  1. I am glad that you enjoyed it Starr :) Next update will come as soon as I can make it come :P


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