Monday, August 16, 2010

Its been a while....again

Hey there guys! Whats up? Hows it going? Did you guys miss me much? I just decided to pop in to tell you guys that I am not dead because I have been receiving tons of e-mails asking if I am still alive?? (lol Dawn)
So, to tell you the truth I have been relaxing away from the computer, and I will be back soon. My summer vacation has its ups and its downs but I am still holding on to it. I have experienced a lot this summer, most of it is fun. My family is still here, but they will be departing soon, so that's going to be one shitty day. School starts soon, and I am kind of looking forward to that, because I got all my options that I wished for.
Why don't you guys tell me whats been going on with you? I would love to hear from you! Share away and I will be sure to reply in one form or another. I have loads of stories to share, but so little time to share them in.

Miss you guys!!!

Ps. I have been reading this amazing series which is called the House of Night Series and I am only on book two at the moment. It's a really good book if your into Vampires, spells, rivalries, romance, blood, and all that good stuff! And I highly recommend it to people!!


  1. I missed my Sumomo! D: and don't worry I'm cracking on that email :D tons to tell you! Might be one of those monstorous ones O__O.
    Well, one of them can't wait! If you don't know already I got a blog! :D yeeeey!


  2. I missed my momo quite dearly too! I cannot wait to read your kick ass e-mails like always! I too have TONS to tell you! YOU HAVE A BLOG!! :O I shall add it to my blog collection :D

    <3 Sumomo~

  3. It has been awhile since I have talked to you! Damn.. I miss you sooooo much! D:

  4. SARAH! *hugs* It has been a long time since I talked to you! I missed you soooooo much too! I hope everything is going well with you :)


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