Sunday, July 4, 2010

Picture of the Week :)

So as I promised each week I will post a picture of whatever i want to post a picture of, so this week.... its.... drum roll please....

*drum roll*
Ain't he sexy? So this is a little tribute to the New Twilight Saga movie Eclipse :) So you guys better check it out, and see all sexyness :) I just cannot wait to see the movie itself :)


  1. I hate Twilight. BUT I LOVE TAYLOR LAUTNER OMFG. :D

  2. I don't like twilight... or taylor launter. But I will just keep thinking of chase xD

    I watched valentines day the other day and he was in there with t swift!

  3. Lol I love twilight :D Its because I fell in love with Edward in my mind, and barfed when i saw who was playing Edward. Then I fell in love with Taylor because ooooh man sooooo sexah

    And rayy no Taylor Swift cannot have my man! And you cud just think about chase. Cannot wait until the next picture of the week :D

  4. rawr. He's MINE back off. x]

    Oh em gee. He's sexah....

  5. I don't have a view, since I'm a guy, but I do know my simself is smexier :p


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