Thursday, July 1, 2010

New Story

So lately I have been thinking about writing a new story. And well, I am not sure if people would like to read it or something. Well first of all, I have to wait for my charger..-Sigh- and then I could get cracking on it.

So, my basic idea of this story is about 3 girls who go to this private school. They have their own house, and they live the life of luxury. Along with luxury comes sexy guys, rich daddies, latest clothing, bitchy friends, wine, clubbing, and parties. So what do you think?

Please comment if you would like to read something like this :D



  1. I would love to read a story like that! ;D

  2. I like to read other people's stories. If it's here I will for sure. If not i'd have to find it and give it a look XD


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