Monday, July 5, 2010

***Sim Fashion***

In the Sim Fashion World today, there clothes are like alright. They are not the best and whatever they are alright. What I am looking for is, something more high fashion or something that regular people wear.

So I was on Stylist Sims looking for new clothing if they had any. But I decided to look at their Sims2 collection, and I really liked what I saw. So here are some pictures, of what I would love to see.
As you can see these clothing are amazing, and I was wondering if anyone could make clothing like that. If you do then I will download them, and I will recommend them to other people through this blog. Also if you have seen clothing like this please please let me know because I really want it in my game thank you


1 comment:

  1. Kami!!!!

    I want clothes like that too. :[

    I want sims3 to hurry up and be as great as sims2


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