Thursday, March 3, 2011

Suck it up Princess

This is a real life rant. So if you don't give a shit then just walk away...

So as most of you may know or not know, but i have gym class now for the half of this semester. So anyways this week we were playing soccer. Now to be honest I am not much of a soccer player, the only position I am actually good at playing is goalie and defense, I am not one of those wimps who are afraid of the ball. So anyways, this whole week hasn't been so well for me and one of my good friends, who I will call "Sarah".

Anyways my friend Sarah is a total soccer jock. She played on the school team and she plays both indoor and outdoor soccer, and she is brilliant at the game like total ninja. So the way our teacher makes teams is that we have to sit beside the person we have to have to play with. Obviously Sarah and I always sit by each other because we make a kick ass team, shes more like my motivator she motivates me to play soccer. Unfortunately she had sprain her ankle at the beginning on the week so she wasn't allowed to play. The one day she actually did play...shit when down.

Her and I were on a team together with 2 other people. We made a great team, actually we won the "championship" game. So during the first time she played people were total fuck tards towards us, well mainly to her that day. So this one event that made her look like the bad guy was that she was passing up the ball to me and she had to kick hard or else it wouldn't make it far. So she kicked it and this chick who thinks shes all bad ass comes in front of her just when she kicked the ball, and the ball smokes her leg. She falls and starts blaming Sarah. Sarah did apologize but the fuck tardness from the other team did not stop. They also didn't seem to like me either just because I am so kick ass and intercepting the ball. I mean isn't that the object of the fucking game? To get the ball whenever possible? I mean come on its not fucking rocket science! So by the end of gym class we had kicked everyone's ass and majority of the gym class hates us. Aren't we special?

So today it involves me more than Sarah. Sarah's ankle is still swollen and sprain but she offered to play goalie for our team. It was piratically easy since no one could get the ball away from me. I played extra hard today because Sarah couldn't play. So during half way through the game I broke my thumb nail and it basically came off, so I went to the office to get a band-aid and to clean my thumb from the blood. By the time I came back the game was over and we had to face the next team. The next team we had to face was the red team I believe and one word to describe that team is...Whore fest (well except for "Nikki" who is really nice and really awesome, and in my opinion shouldn't hang out with the whore fest because they are a bad influence).
Anyways the first three minutes of the game I managed to score two points. And that's when everything started to go downhill... You see "Halley" (Head Whore) had the ball and she was running up to our net to well score. Sarah who was playing goalie didn't think that she would actually kick the ball if she grabbed it. So she went to grab it and Halley didn't stop and she fell on her. I was right on Halley's tail the whole time and when she fell I tripped over her and fell too. So I got up quickly and didn't see what happened next. When Halley had gotten up she purposely stepped on Sarah's sprain ankle and kicked it, and then she walked off. Poor Sarah had to sit out for the rest of the game, so I played goalie for majority of it. I think there were like three minutes left on the clock or something and I was still playing goalie. I was taking a breather because I had a really bad cramp starting up, and when I looked back over to the other side there was Halley mimicking me and rolling her eyes and making a really retarded face. Of course I was pissed when I saw that, but I turned away and focused on the ball. At the end of the game we had to return to our teacher and give him our mark, and guess who turns to me...Halley. And in the most snobbiest voice ever she says, "You have to play less aggressive you know!" Now I stood there shocked to see those words coming from her mouth! What a fucking hypocrite! I mean here she is telling me to play aggressive when she is the one pushing people around!

What does she expect me to do? Let people push me around and get the ball? FUCK NO! I am not  a wimp. If you push me, fuck yeah I am going to push you back. I'm sorry Halley that I actually stand up for  myself and that I can kick your ass in soccer, and probably every sport. I'm sorry that I am so competitive, I have always been like that and I always will, its in my fucking blood.

She better watch the back of her head and her face during the two weeks of volleyball, because I own that game. I am not afraid of spiking the ball right at her. I am not afraid of over-hand serving and making it hit the back of her head. If she says one more fucking thing to me again...well let's just say I might be suspended, or that she is going to have a lot of bruises.

End of Rant.


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