Friday, February 4, 2011

This Week....

This week has probably the most sore, and not awesome week of my life....
If you care to know then keep reading, if you don't then just walk away.

Well first off this week was the beginning of semester 2. So that means new classes, new teachers, and new classmates, and oh the more confusion!
So I started school on a Tuesday since we had Monday off. First class of the day is Social Studies. Well from past experience Social Studies, is one of my favourite subjects. But since I started highschool Social Studies has been...meh. Like I seriously don't want to learn about the government about Canada, and stuff like that. It's really boring! Don't get me wrong. I really do love Canada, and I like to know how everything works. But if all we study is about Canada, and the province I live in...well I tend to not pay as much attention as I would if we were learning about Egypt, Australia, France, Greece, you know interesting places! Anywho the class is taught by one of my least favourite teachers at our school. It's been a week since I have been in her class, and well... on a scale of one to ten I give that class a 5 for enjoyment.

Next class of the day was Gym. And I'm being taught by the two toughest teachers in the school. Now you can imagine how that is going? Well our class is made up of mostly girls, so that's alright I guess, but the changeroom is kind of really crowded. Well the first day of class was basically orientation, so he explained what was going to happen over the next 2 months, etc. Now the second day....the fun began. We spent the whole damn class doing dynamic stretching + running 18 laps + ladders + jumping boxes. Out of all that gym-ness I probably had like 2 water breaks. By the end of class I couldn't move. For the rest of the week we did the exact same thing. And now I can barely get out of my recliner >.

Up next was Spanish Class, and that was alright...I kinda was confused between French and Spanish. That's not hard to believe since I have been taking french for 7 years now. So yeah for the most of this week I spoke French :P & Last class was Science, and I really don't want to talk about that.

Yeah that was pretty much my school week, my week at home has a very different story to it, and that story probably make me look like even more of a whiner :P So yeah.

Update soon :)

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  1. I almost always ''forgot my gym clothes'' or forged a note excusing me....that's how much I hated having to exercise in front of people or play sports in a competitive environment.


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