Sunday, December 5, 2010

BTID's Assignment 1

Hi everyone ^.^
I have just joined a new modeling comp called Before the I do's and its hosted by the great Yazzers <33 && My Momokinz is judging it too.

Anywho the first assigment was how the couple met. And I had tons and tons of ideas but in the end I settled for the restaurant idea.

I had today all planned out, I was going to pick up Marcie and take her out to the restaurant downtown. I was going to charm her, and she was going to fall in love with me. Then I was going to take her back to her place, and get lucky.

That was what I thought until our waitress came to take the order. Her hair was a blazing red, it was in what looked like a messy French braid. When she walked up to us my heart started to skip a beat. This kind of thing never happened to me before; usually it’s the girls heart which skips a beat.

“Hi my name is Nia, and today I will be your waitress.” Those were the first twelve words she said to me. Those words fluttered around me...tonight I think I was in love.

Aaron my boss had called me in tonight, usually my Saturday nights were off. I walked through the back door and hung my coat on the hook. Mike was busily chopping onions. I waved to him, and he smiled back. Layla told me that table five needed to be helped. So I walked out and spotted it.

It was off to the corner, and there sat a very handsome man. He had brown hair, and from the distance I could see his grey-blue eyes twinkle.

I walked up to their table and took their order. He didn’t seem to notice I was there; he just kept eye contact with the Ginger across from him. They told me they weren’t ready yet, so I told them to take their time. I walked away from the table. How the hell am I going to be serving this table when I have butterflies?

So I really hope you like it ^.^
Leave comments below and tell me what ya think :D



  1. Love the assignment and story, can't wait to see how it unfolds. :)


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