Monday, June 28, 2010

Trying to Fix a BIG misunderstanding.

So, I just finished reading TMN's recent article and I noticed that they wrote about AOSS (Academy of Secret Simmers) Well, I noticed how they were putting them down and everything. Well I just wanted to clean this whole mess up.

So whatever happened at AOSS was between me and a simmer. And that day I was in such a crappy mood, and well things didn't look so good. All of the simmers that were on AOSS were well, confused too of this argument and they were very upset. So things just looked as if people were ganging up on me. Well they are all really nice people trust me they are. Just sometimes things happen which shouldn't of happened. And I am really sorry that this happened it was just a big whole misunderstanding.

I personally didn't want anyone else to know about this, but since they only way I can get things off my chest is by talking. So I talked to some simmers on another chat, and I blew off steam and everything. I wasn't expecting to see so many articles about this issue. I was surprised on how many people knew about this.

So please don't blame AOSS, that place has changed after the incident. That place is a great place to be as is The Sanctuary. So if you want someone to blame, then blame me. To the members of AOSS I am really sorry about this. Also the members of the Mare I am also very sorry about this.


Ps. TMN could you please call me Kamcil19 or Kam, or Kami just not Kamil I appreciate the creativity ;D

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