Thursday, June 24, 2010

Somethings Just Scare me....

So today I think I am officially creeped out.. On the pleasant <------LOL) EA forums, Chocolateaddic100 thought it would be funny to post pictures of sims being naughty. Well at first it was just harmless fun of course.
Then the whole thread took the wrong turn... Chocolateaddic100 said that one page 20 there will be one hilarious picture. Well so I am wondering what this picture might be, I waited. Then when page 20 did come along I wish I had left.

Well, this is kind of going to far, and well since the sims3 community is a community in which children under the age of 8 roam, that thread is a violation.

In my opinion all I think it is, is immaturity. Well it was funny at first now this thread has to go. I wonder why any of the mods have locked it or better yet deleted it yet? Maybe they are enjoying themselves? is over.

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