Thursday, February 17, 2011

Thanks for ruining my Break Bitch.

So I really need to rant about this or I will not get it out of my system. So if you really don't give a shit, then I suggest you move on...

Anyways, as you all know (maybe) from my previous posts, its a new semester in school. So as you all also (maybe) know that I have Social Class with the teacher I dislike hate the most! I mean seriously she is a fucking bitch, and uneducated. If I could egg her house I would because, I fucking hate her.
So today was the last day before a 10 day break, and I already had Social Homework for the break and I was OK with it because, I had a plan. So there is like ten minutes left until class ends, and she stands in front of the classroom and holds out a piece of paper and says, "For this break I would like you to complete a scrapbook" and I look at her like WTF?!!! are you fucking kidding me?
So basically our assignment is to complete a scrapbook about current events (news) and like expand on the article and link it to like pictures and shit? I fucking DO NOT get it. No one in the class got it. The Assignment handout she gave us was vague like REALLY vague. Then she forgot to photocopy them all, so she had to run to the photocopier and photocopy it all for us. By the time she came back to the classroom the bell rang so she didn't even explain it to us. Like are you fucking kidding me? So now everyone else is thinking of e-mailing her and asking her questions about the assignment. And knowing her she WILL NOT respond to your e-mail until the end of break.
I used to dislike her before, and now I fucking loathe her, because she is nothing but an uneducated bitch. She doesn't explain shit, she doesn't know what she is talking about half the time, and she called a refugee camp a fucking concentration camp. She claims that she has two degrees, well to me it doesn't seem like it because shes nothing but a fucking retard. Everyone is already fed up with her and this is week 3 I still have her until the end of fucking June. I swear I am going to explode in one of her classes.
Besides this incident there are TONS more. I wish I could share them all with you, but that would take forever. Now if you will excuse me I need to go start on my god damn scrapbook!

--End of Rant--



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