Monday, June 21, 2010

A new Magazine?

So yesterday I was pondering around the forums and I couldn't but help notice that someone was making a brand new magazine. And me being very curious just had to click on the darn forum.

So as the thread kept progressing more and more people were interested in the concept of the new magazine.

Then the owner of this Magazine KatylnBirds sort of hit a small bump into the road of their magazine.

Obviously this person didn't know what they were doing. Yes we all understand that this might be new, but buddy if you don't know how to do something like this then get help! Nobody is going to bite you! KatlynBird obviously seemed confused. Well they were doing this whole darn project by themselves, ask for HELP!

Then something that I suspected did quite happen...

Well that wasn't the end of the tale folks.
peacexlovexstp is now probably taking on the challenge to make this magazine, now let me ask this question how? When? and why? Well all I really want to say is good luck and well not give up like some other magazines did...

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