Thursday, May 27, 2010

StarStruck Ch.9 Dudes!

Ch.9 is out!!! Scream everyone scream! This is the final Chapter which means..starstruck is going to be over after this.... Awww sad yeah, I know :(
Check it out and leave a comment here!


  1. I loved it, but I am also super sad that it's over. I think you should have a spin off with Tiffany so we can has more!

    I'm glad I've had the privilege of reading!

  2. Hmmm...A spin off, we will see. I am glad you liked it I hoped someone did :D Thanks for reading it. I was actually thinking of writing a new one. :P

  3. yay!! its finally up. Too bad i couldn't read it until now because I was on vacation but i love how it ended =). too bad its all over.


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