Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Something Freaky


So recently today, I was on the forums being a wierdo as usual. I was talking to Daily and Purple, and BG about how they didn't know this was an old thread. Then I thought it would be cool to find a older thread and post on it. So I went and found a thread. Then BG said that he could find an older thread than that. So he went and found one called, "How do I bath my toddler" I commented on how all these people were old, and nobody knew them. Then BG said something about them too. Then the scary part happened........

The creepy part was that this person posted on the thread before too. BG and I were freaked out. Now that is one wierd day. The person assured us they weren't a zombie. But like creepy much?


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  1. A little creepy and very funny at the same time :P


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